#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Parish was miles ahead of Langford last night KM.

lets not compare the two.

but agreed he needed to step up defensively.
27 and a goal isn’t a terrible game by any account though.


I didn’t compare the two


Not on here you didn’t…



Thought Darc’s game was patchy, at times during the game he was on the ground but went missing and out of position a lot, BUT you could see him trying his guts out. Love him to death but for Darcy Parish to shine he will always need the other onballers to do their bit. Last night they didn’t do their bit.


Get out while you can Darcy.


Not a bad game from darce
15 disposals
8 tackles
1 goal

Not heaps of the ball but I think he still impacted. Does anyone know how much centre time he got?


we got good one here in Darc. Another great game, and another clutch goal. coming on like a train.


not as much for the past two weeks for some reason
still having an impact tho


He didn’t have the greatest of games until the last 1/4, was okay without being stellar. In the last he lifted big time and, apart from one poor kick, was involved in everything and one of the reasons for the fight back.


That applies to most, if not all of his teammates tbf




Still playing too much up forward.

Clarke coming in has made less time available on ball.

Darce was in there heaps verse Carlton but that was with Shiel injured


Ice in his veins for that set shot. Pity a few others can’t follow his example.


Our goal kicking has been good the past 2 weeks


It looked like GWS were doing allot of work to keep him out of the contest, every time he went to move through there was somebody blocking or scraggiest him.

Clutch goal at the end, star!


If everybody attacked the ball like Darcy and Hepp then we’d never lose.


It has improved yes. That Begley miss was a disgrace though, especially for a guy who had been very accurate until this year. He choked that one


Yeah but we all know we could go back to 8.15 next week.

At least it’s the opposition who have been worse in front of goal than us (quite comfortably) in the past fortnight


Thanks, it was good while it lasted.


Thought last night was a down game for him, hope he bounces back next week. Kicking last night (apart from that goal) was atrocious (not on his own though)