#3 Darcy Parish - signed to 2027

Agree. Definitely the best mix we have had. Especially aggression at the ball. Don’t know what their ceiling is though as none are out and out champs at this stage.

I’d say best this century.

I always believed that 2000 team was JJohnson and a collection of flankers who were extremely talented, and then generational talents like Mercuri and Hird who ran through there. Our fwds and defenders were our strength.

Then it was Watson vs the rest. Maybe tough on Goddard who played some great footy for us across multiple positions.

This is easily the deepest and best midfield we have had in 25 years.

I get where you are coming from RE 2000, but I think that massively undersells Joe Misiti.

I do agree wholeheartedly though this is the best mid mix we have had for a loooong time. A few games in the middle of last year gave us a glimpse with Durham, Caldwell and Perkins getting more mid time (Richmond and Carlton games in particular). Now they are integral. It’s a pleasure to watch.

Goldstein is very important here too. His tap work is immaculate


No more is it the usual rush to 30 disposals by Parish and Merrett whilst the rest of the team is utter ■■■■■. Parish can play his role and contribute, but like everyone a team first role.


Oh enormously. Totally forgot. Didn’t look at the team list.

Love Smoking Jo

Imagine that nickname in 2024 :joy:

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Parish is now arguably the 4th most important midfielder in the pecking order thanks to the rapid development and deployment of Durham as a centre square player, and Caldwell’s sheer workrate as a two-way midfielder. Agree on the depth we have, it means we will most likely have at least 3 AFL quality midfielders in the VFL, should we stay healthy, at any one time.

Our midfield is now a scary thought for opposition coaches to consider. There does appear to be a modification to the composition of our personnel in the middle. In the recent past we were too one dimensional and leaned heavily on Parish and Merrett to dominate games in order to get us over the line. That has all changed now with the emergence of Duzza, Caldwell and Perkins into the mix. It allows for different looks and line ups to get mismatches. The dynamics can and do change frequently as we saw against the Giants, with each of the players mentioned above being dangerous in the extreme. All that and l haven’t even mentioned Stringer! We are fast becoming the stuff of nightmares.


Was he shadowing Coniglio ? If so , then they pretty well cancelled each other out.
While I’m at it, if you had told me pregame that Scott was going to put Hep on Kelly, I would have thought that Scott had lost the plot and Kelly was going to have a day out.
Both Kelly and Coniglio have given us plenty of grief in the past.

Absolutely, was wondering who opposition teams would put all the work into. Would guess Zach. But as we saw on the weekend, he needn’t have a huge game anymore and our midfield can dominate.

And yes Stringer is the X factor in there, if we need him he can go in and can’t be stopped.

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Only watched the replay late last night thought Parish was great, laid some great tackles and was much tougher than I’d ever seen him before.


Might not have the big supercoach score but he’s still influencing. Whole mid group are playing their part, great to see.


Appears he’s learning new defensive roles within the team according tl Jacobs


I reckon he had a good game from a team perspective. Still elite at finding in in tight. He’ll have big possession games and one’s like Saturday. The great thing is now it’s not all about him and Zach


It’s good to see him adapting to new roles are that aren’t as a prime ball winner.

I think it leaves him open for a team to swoop in for a trade if they can promise him the CBA he had gotten used to

Love that we’re now a much more balanced side. Tsatas down the track could also be a POD.

My only thought now is that we’re paying our fourth string midfielder 750/800k a year for the next six years. I still think it would have been good business to move him on.

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He did have a lazy 36 vs the eagles, Numbers I don’t think Perkins duz or Caldwell have for close to so far.

Duz is certainly a more dynamic player and Perkins a better matchup against bigger players but Darcy is absolutely elite off the deck.

And the coaching group obviously rate him ahead of Caldwell as a center square mid.

I’m not uncomfortable with the money, though it’s maybe a year or two too long, though that seems to me the norm these days


He dosen’t have to get 35 anymore. But can still do it if required, no better hard ball getter in the team

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And once we play wet weather football, Darce will be a weapon.

Parish out. Tsatas in.

Parish with a calf complaint.