#3 Darcy Parish - signed to 2027

Um… have you seen our midfield, both before, and after his injury?

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We’ve seen the midfield function with him and without him and we’ve also seen it not function with and without him in the past too.

I think our biggest issue has been in the ruck.


we are missing Parish big time. Consistently our 2 nd best midfielder behind Zach over past 3-4 years. We can’t have Stringer and Perkins attending the same bounce. Durham/Caldwell have stepped up. We are also missing the physicality of Draper.


id say his being out is hurting more than most want to admit, we couldn’t buy a meaningful clearance without him


We need Parish full stop. Gets the first or second tagger, surely must help.

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Come back RISH

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Look how they’ve massacred my beautiful RISH.

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He’ll come back and be that worried about his calf that he’ll suck for a month, guaranteed


Even half throttle RISH wins clearances.

feel like pure ■■■■, just want my can’t maintain eyecontact centre clearance midfielder back

Yeah, you’re prob right.

But ■■■■ we are missing him.