3 grannies


Best of 3 , 7 game serieses.


I’d prefer the best of 7 3 game siereseses.


Won’t somebody think of the grandchildren?


Yeah I grabbed one to post but the file size was too large. Couldn’t let the idea go to waste.


My definition of legendary is same as the Cambridge Dictionary’s: " of or relating to an old story or set of stories from ancient times". I hardly think the past decade qualifies as “ancient times”.

For today’s generation, 70+ years ago may be, so Dic k Reynolds, Billy Hutchison, John Coleman could be considered as legendary players. Bartel is not “legendary” in comparison to those true legends.


I’m too busy thinking of my children’s children.


Collingwood will still lose all three.


Wouldn’t they stop at 2.
Although the humiliation of 3 would be superb.
Would it be included in the over all premiership tally?
If we win the next three years, which many on here are convinced will occur, that’s 6 more flags. And by that time the concept would be so derided it would revert back to just one and Carlton and Collingwood can eat our balls.


A Black and Whitewash?


3 Grannies? Liver says no.


Didn’t he win a Brownlow too?

Reasonable resume, that.


Yeah that’s up there.


Yes he did. Missed that for some reason


Pfft, 3rd post of the thread


Strong pedantry.

And yet, according to the first of two definitions listed in the Cambridge dictionary, not to mention just about every English speaker on the planet, not even correct.



Too abstract


An idea this stupid can only be the result of a lack of a story with real substance at the moment. A best of 3 series will never get off the ground, as it flies against over 100 years of tradition and culture.


Remember when Australia II won The Americas Cup in a best of seven series after being 0-3?

Now THAT’s how to do finals.

Eat it, Dennis Connor.


Except Australia was down 3-1 and not 3-0.


Don’t screen up my story.