#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Carlisle minus the tatts and the sooking


EFC you sneaky bastards!

Told his club to move to play him from fwd/ruck to defence and that saw him slip.

Always planned to play him as a key forward.

Love it.

He and Mason Fletcher will be the bean pole bookends in years to come.


Apparently a zerk is a “grease nipple”



I thought what the hell when Merv said key fwd…crazy


You two should get a room and make grumpy kids


Name one person that doesn’t like a grease nipple?


If you knew how stranglingly non-grumpy my kid is…


We must have got our kids mixed up at the hospital



And 3 pounds when he retired.


Spoke to Dodoro at the Members Forum. He said Merv was nervous and made a mistake. Brandon will be a key defender.


Next you’ll be telling me HepD actually DID have groin issues before he was drafted!






Don’t know quite what it is, but something about him reminds me of Lucas.


Plays like Neville Jetta?


Some interesting comparisons made by champion data.

They must run some algorithm and it comes up with comparisons based on stats.

They are both defenders so that’s a start I guess.


Good luck Zerka - Zerka, expect plenty of competition for a spot. Work hard, take your chances when they come and once you get a taste for success, keep eating.


What are her thoughts on Worsfold?


She likens him to Langford.
Hopes he makes it, but still has a lot to prove.



Am I the only one on the Berzerker train?
Sounding like he is progressing well, super talented so hopefully he can force his way in at some stage this year. Would love to see some footage from yesterday, do we usually put the VFL game up on our website?