#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - reportedly wants out

Is Lord a chance for BZT? BZT was a regular for us who Port want!

Would be an excellent outcome for mine but I think it’s unlikely

Two years ago Laverde was keeping a King goalless for a game, and he was very good in defence. The serious injuries suffered early in his career have now begun to take their toll, plus battling against forwards who are significantly bigger than he is. No doubt he was in serious decline this year. Having said that, l still believe that Kelly has been worse in 2023.


Two years ago King wasn’t that great a player.


Despite the stats - I reckon the eye test shows Zerk has improved and has potential to continue to do so. He’s definitely worth a second rounder.


I think for a guy who can hold down a KP post immediately then it’s a late first early second.


Trading Zerk for a Future 2nd Rounder seems a right fit, plus from all reports, next year’s Draft will be a strong one.


You’d take this

Classic Port, target competitors best 22 player with nothing to offer. Sort something out or we Walk him to the draft and draft him back if he is still available. Pick 37 is useless to us this year.

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Cal reckons we will be asking for a 2nd rounder the Cats will also be asking for a decent pick so not sure how Port are going to get all the deals done with stuff all picks

You do realise pick 37 IS a second round pick

Is a ■■■■ second rnd tho. Talent caps out after the first 30 picked in this years draft

Once all the bids are chewed up pick 37 will probably end up in the low 30’s

Il be asking for ports 2024 second rounder


Yes but only because next year’s draft is deeper, they’ll probably finish in a similar position as this year

I reckon Port will slide a bit next year


It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Geelong are always the club who trades fairly with ease. Best in the business! Ratugolea is a required player who fills an important hole. BZT is also require player who comes from Essendon a traditionally hard club to trade with. Bothe clubs have invested in these players. Who will role over and who will play hard ball. Who will get the best draft pick? Port on the other hand are ■■■■■■ who nominate players with little to offer.

He would have to be worth early 2nd round.

Mobile defender capable of taking 10 marks per game.

When we saw him live this year he fumbled a lot of straightforward marks. And spolied when he could have marked a fair bit.

Sad to see him go personally.

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The easiest way to get Esava and Zerk done would be for Port to split their first rounder this year. But of course they don’t have one.

They can use their 2024 first rounder but I’m not sure how that alone lands two guys.
Maybe their 2024 first and second gets the deals done.

They’d have to bring a future second back in to do that

Which they’d likely only be able to do by trading out some half decent players

Which they don’t want to do

■■■■ them I say, bend them over for some capital