#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


Question for anyone - How many kids have we lost to another club through lack of opportunities? And have actually gone on to make it?

Ted Richards was 22/23 when he left for Sydney. Been on EFC list for 5 years. Played 33 games.


Bachar Houli… would Jenkins qualify??

Ummm … :thinking:


I reckon he’ll be behind Francis all things being equal.


Yep as would Stephen Milne and Adam Kingsley.


Alex Morgan


No they wouldn’t.




get him in, cant see what he couldnt offer that Mitch Brown does.


People overrate kids time and time again

Mitch Brown did a superb job on Josh Jenkins rd1 who then went and pantsed Alex Rance

When our entire side was playing rubbish footy rd2 & rd3 it left our defence under pump. Also pretty sure his opponent was goalless however vs Dogs.

Zerk looks a talent but they aren’t going to put him in ahead of his time against the big boys at AFL level just yet. But hopefully he can push up over the next few years.


playstyle looks like carlisle but with the work ethic and couragoeusness of future captian andy mcg and no tattoos or whiney attitude.

Needs another year and another pre-season

KP stocks looking good again.


Yes, you’re right of course ! It’s 6’4.77", which is near enough to 6’5". Don’t know where I got the extra 4 inches. Inflation…


About 20kg.


How big was Hurley when he debuted and did the number on Tredrea?


Different body types. Hurly was chunkier.


Gleeson has become a regular and surely isn’t much bigger


Gleeson is supposedly 86kg which makes him 5 cm shorter but 8kg heavier


Moves a bit like Peter Berbakov. I like the look of him, but he is obviously a few years away with that body shape and kicking action.


True. Hurley is listed as 190cm 90kg according to 2008 draft info.

Zerk is 195, 78kg. That’s quite a difference.


Closer to Fletch. And not far from Mason.


Personally he reminds me of a young Paddy Ryder when Sheeds was playing him CHB. A few cm’s shorter obviously. Might be just the number 30 and physique thats doing it.