#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


I think the same, but Paddy not taller at all really.

Paddy is listed at 196cm and 195.7 at time of draft. Leap is similar.

Number 30 may be chosen more deliberately than first thought. May even have an Aboriginal aspect to his heritage if @benfti 's speculation is correct.


May be less laconic* though…

  • for generally accepted definition of laconic


Could absolutely be anything this kid, and will absolutely be something.


i.e. work ethic is more obvious.

It wouldn’t surprise if he is a back-up ruck in future.


Saw him outside gate 4. Wasn’t smiling so I didn’t say anything.


We say that about all our kids, then we break them.


Justin Madden


I can’t wait for him to be in the senior side so we can ruin him…


I feel the need to mention this guy, given that Ridley has been selected to play in the AFL side.
Zerk had a very very solid performance in the VFL against Sandi. It was hard to split Ridley and Zerk tbh.
Clearly Zerk is fully match fit, and was there with Ridley in the last quarter taking important intercept marks when the game was still live right to the final siren.
In terms of skills he seems to be almost AFL ready, but is probably Marty Gleeson levels of thin except taller. But as we all know, it didn’t stop Bomber from playing Marty in 2014.


That was not lack of opportunities. He had plenty of ruck time and was in front of Simon many times.

He left to take bigger $ at FCFC.


To be fair, Gleeson did play a whole year of VFL before being debuted. I get the size comparison, but I think just having that one year of VFL and conditioning, learning how hard the bodies are, how to take a hit etc, even if you dont put on any weight yourself, is vital.

I think thats probably what Ridley has ahead of Zerk at this point in time.


Watching the Sandy replay, I thought Zork took more contested or semi contested marks than Ridley. A lot of Ridley’s possessions seemed to be when we shared the ball around the back. Not sure what the stats show in terms of contested possession, but just looking at it, I though Zork was actually more impressive.


Bezerk Thatcher takes flashier marks than Ridley, but yes, for most talls there is a big difference between 0.5 and 1.5 pre-seasons.

Nice thing is that Bezerk Thatcher and Ridley are clean at getting the ball off the ground or marking low. No one is Orazio, but it’s one of their big bonuses.


I would love to see Bezerk debut this year, but Ridley has been playing very well for a month now… not just last week. So that’s another reason that he is being rewarded before Bezerk.


Yes, we have to remember how many games Ridley missed in 2017 with a back fracture then syndesmosis.
Ridley might also be ahead with his disposal, which is regarded highly. But as the AFL players know, its efficiency under pressure that’s the key to preventing turnovers.
At this stage Zerk has had a clear run at it in the VFL, showed signs early and is improving. I am not so sure about his disposal. Anyone, Anyone?


Worth getting him in just to hear BT go all nutter.


good to hear that he’s almost ready to play seniors, hoping he can play a few games later in the year


Think we will see him get a taste after the bye. From what I understand he isn’t too far away from it now


Good news, I thought he might have been a chance before Ridley.
And we have a abundance of tall defenders


Presumably this means we’re giving up on Brown and Hartley or maybe trying one of them forward?