#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


Played against big bodies last year so almost like 2 years of VFL under his belt at end of season


Zerk and Francis will form the best defensive duo in the league within 2 years.

They are both the modern prototype for kpd


I doubt that very much. But expand the timeframe by a year or two and they could be very close. That’s if everything goes well for them.


I’m confident Francis will come on next year.

Zerk May take a little longer to build his frame up.


B: Saad Zerk-Thatcher Ridley
HB: Gleeson Francis McKenna

It does appear a solid future back 6. Intercept ability a plenty and the attacking accurate kicking of half back line ideal. Ridley beautiful kick also.

Zerk going to need to build his body up a fair bit & take quite a few years before we go playing him on the big boys though.


That’s extremely optimistic.
I hope you’re right, but I agree with ‘boot that there might be some hope if you extend the timeline


If both have an injury free run then it’s achievable


You know what? Zerk Francis and Riddles excites me


We still have some class coming through.

Our list isn’t as bad as it appears.


Midfield still looks quite poor which will continue to hold us back if can’t fix it


Depends on whether you rate the guys we have.


Close to if not the worst midfield in the comp currently. Really need a couple of these kids to step up but even then we need to recruit atleast 1 quality mid, particularly a big bodied clearance winner


I agree, we need a star.

I’m not sure where we can pinch one but I think that’s our biggest issue.

I’m happy with most other positions though.


How about trading one of our talls that wont don’t fit the age profile of the next group coming through <25.

Heck I’d trade both Hurley and Hooker if we really believe in this group coming through.

We have an over supply of marking types and not nearly enough ground ball players. The solution is almost too logical for our football department to grasp.


To get a top ten mid a side would want Hurley and a pick and I’m not sure we would do that.

The best way would be to get a player like Kelly for example to nominate us and then force a trade for unders.

This season is really damaging our destination club status.


We’ve also got Fletcher coming through if he’s up to the grade.


I’m hearing a Rookie pick


richards just an ok player surrounded by an excellent team. think it was a win to trade him.

he had a great career


Teddy was more than just OK.
If you’d seen him play in the ressies, off the backline you’d have seen the same potential the Swine saw.
He and Sheeds had a mind meld clash though- two quirky individuals who didn’t get one another.

Which brings me back to Doe’s point - we haven’t lost many really good young players, but it’s as much about the coach as anything


Kiss of death- they’re [email protected]