#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


gotta be BZERK


The Zerk clearly fits a long term need if we fancy playing Ridley and/or Francis in anything other than KPD posts. (And that can mean KPF, midfield, 3rd defender/intercept marker/distributor). Even assuming Fletcher plays a KPD role, neither of them will be ready before about 2021, at which point Hurley and Hooker and Brown will be close enough to done. Ambrose will be getting on and Hartley will be about 28. So to have a couple of quality KPDs who have served their apprenticeship will be a good thing. This also allows us to use Francis and Ridley in roles that better suit them, rather than playing undersized against the next generation of KPFs.


Zerk-Thatcher? They’re the best kind of Thatchers!


Guess who will be excited to call BZERK!!



Told you Jackets drafts late picks based on their name.


Really happy with this pick. I’ve said for a while that we need to bring in a young kpd and hopefully this guy is it.


Anyone seen enough of this guy to know whether his kicking is ok?

In that video it looked a little suspect under little pressure. Ball drop looked a little off.


BT calling BZT



How long before we hear

“B Z T, as good as it gets” ?


Bezerker. Nothing beats it.


Reminds me a lot about Jake Carlisle. Can take a decent pack mark and great interceptor but kicking can go a little astray under pressure. Needs to bulk up a bit and is one of the hardest workers on the track. Fans will love his endeavour and courage. Don’t envision seeing him play much in the senior side for 2-3 years but will end up as a pretty good KPD


He looks to be a thinking mans player. I liked some of his little taps and positioning around the contest.

Dodoro has got a good strikerate with late tall picks.


Fletch lives…


What stood out for me was the kids recovery. He’s like a cat. As soon as he hits the ground, he’s up again at full pace.


Pizza delivery guy in Murray Bridge

So maybe we were waiting for the last Domino to fall and not making a Goofy decision.


No doubt we need to build our next range of Key position player stock.

It’s much needed. It’s just abit boring as it’s very unlikely that these late KPP picks will be anywhere near AFL football for over 2 years.

You’d love to have every player on the list pushing for AFL selection, but it’s just not possible.


Our long-awaited replacement for Sean Gregory.


To be fair, Doddoro seems to have a good eye for finding quality Key Position players anywhere in the draft.

I’m sure the Zerk has all the tools to be a quality player, just needs to work on his physique.


WTF. “Our long-awaited replacement for Sean Gregory”. That should give a heaps of confidence!

Have you read his story in the advertiser. Stupid question, probably not.


Sean Gregory was a talented kid, just a late developer. Is currently one of the premier KPDs in the VFL.