#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


I thought Ozario was eaten by a dingo as a baby.


Yeah, but then he ate his way out of the dingo. Finishes fights.


Love his work as Chief Wiggum


This pick has so much of Cale Hooker about it.

A few similarities…

  • Taken a year after they were draft eligible
  • Taken late in the draft
  • Skinny tall bean poles
  • Ridiculed on BBlitz when drafted
  • Can Clunk.

I will be watching Zerks first few years with real intrigue. Can see him taking up a Key Defence role in 3-4 years.


SANFL grand final with Houlihan and BZK.



From a HS article…

The 195cm Bomber was originally a ruck-forward, but Essendon’s recruiters were the ones who suggested he move into defence early last year, with great success

This is fascinating

Wonder what the rationale was there … genuinely thought he might be better as a defender or trying to have him slip perhaps as fwd/rucks seen as more valuable.

In any case the fact he can play both ends & pinch hit in ruck an added bonus


Love that he is not a random pick but someone we’ve watched closely


Can’t wait for the forward or back arguments.




He was the selection we took the least time in making aswell, fair to say we rated him a lot higher than 66


But not higher than 49…


Why do you hate Jordan Houlahan so much?


Or possibly we did rate him higher than 49, but were confident nobody else rated him higher than 66.


Welcome Zerkel


There are no ‘random picks’


195cm is questionable based on that neck.

Think Langford might have a run for his money.



McNernan make Langford look like Gladstone Small by comparison.


Oh yeah, bring it Zerk!!



Zerk: Whoooaaah dude, that’s excellent!!!


Looks like we will actually be developing him as a key forward