#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating


I wonder how he’d go as a big bodied mid.


Dodoro thinks he can transition from the backline to the midfield.


don’t even joke


First chance to see him.
Attack on the ball, second and third efforts, good overhead, tries to be creative with his disposal.
Agree, we’ve got one.

Give him a run this year.


Finally, a #30 that isn’t laconic


Key defenders until 2030: Zerk Ridley and Fletcher


As time adds a bit more beef to his frame, and a bit more experience to his game, this kid could be a serious steal. Shows real promise.


Looks great! Love the way he throws himself at the contest. Reckon we’ve found a gem here.


Already has that inate ability to know when to leave this man to spoil.

Great overhead mark,fights for balls on the ground,pretty quick decision maker.

A few kg’s and he will be a cracker.


Yep :heavy_check_mark:


Will be a star. Needs to bulk up


Question…based on purely quality of football…who is the better KPD prospect from here on - Zerk or Francis?


It’s always hard to say. I just remember the Pears vs Rance early discussions.

I’d say Francis has the higher ceiling. I’d say Zerk is the safer bet. There is room for both in our future.


Mate, he’s played 3 VFL games!
This is getting ridiculous.


You wouldn’t like being a recruiter.


The biggest problem we face with this kid is another club trying to poach him while he is stuck behind our senior kpds. Extend his contract and don’t play brown ahead of him for Christ’s sake.


Lot to look fwd to with this kid.


Did a couple of lightning intercepts in front of us, he comes out of nowhere. Great hands too.


Seems pretty fearless too.

Can’t wait til he gets his timing on the leaps sorted.


He was pick 67 and has played 3 vfl games. And yet he’s being talked about as the next big thing and that every other team is looking to poach him. Teams that passed on him with 66 picks just 3 games ago. After 3 vfl games in which we lost 2. He looks very promising but a long way to go before he matches up to the hype on here.