#30 B. Zerk-Thatcher - Silvagni minus the cheating




Harts has about 12 months left to find some form before he gets thatchered.


I don’t think Francis will be playing KPD. 3rd defender, + general utility


We took Jenkins as a rookie and after a year of not much the crows coughed up a second rounder for him. You can’t assume just because he was taken so late that every club had looked closely at him, quite the opposite in fact. Now he’s right there in the shop window for everyone to see and his potential as a kid is breathtakingly obvious. He also has, nominally at least, 4 guys (if not more) ahead of him on the list for a senior gig. You’d expect someone to dangle the carrot


He looked good, but also smaller than I expected. I thought he was meant to be really tall?


But he’s ours for at least 2 years…and that feels like plenty of time to build him physically and show we appreciate him, by giving him some senior games over Brown/Hartley, if/when the time is right.


Carlisle was among the first players he was compared to, so maybe you just assumed he was that size? Or maybe that he was playing ruck-forward early days as a junior? Shrug.


He’s supposed to be 195 cm, isn’t he ? That’s around 6’9" in the old money.


195 is about 6’5”.

Paul Salmon was 6’9”.


He’s mid 190’s, but still very slight though wirey. He’ll fill out.


Really? Today seemed a lot closer to the mid’s sizes than the ruckman’s.


Plays tall.


No it’s not.
6’9” is 205cm


I think he showed all the traits you want in a tall backman. Attack on the ball, reading of the play, contested marking, multiple efforts when he’s at a disadvantage, speed and agility, and most of all attitude to win his contests. It’s early in his career, but the signs are good. Let’s hope he doesnt plateau, and he keeps developing into a very handy full back.


195cm, can jump 95 cm and long arms.


I’m 196cm (shrunk a bit over the years) and nowhere near 6’9". 195cm is still a pretty tall kid. There really aren’t that many people out there taller than that, even if it looks like there are when we watch the footy. Trust me, it is always a bit of a mmmmm moment when I come across someone taller than me, cause it just doesn’t happen that often. Even when I toured the club earlier this year, the only bloke that made me feel short was Loony because he is so skinny. Belly was a big bloke but didn’t feel substantially taller than me.


Nailed it


Has someone mentioned “We have found one here” in relation to Zerk?

(He’s not officially a gun until above is mentioned)


browns cooked, not part of the future. Should give games to kids where possible (and form warranting) over guys like this


If he keeps coming on and puts on a bit of weight next offseason, I hope that he gets games next year with Hooker and Hurley alongside him. If Hooker is going to stay back long term, then we may as well get rid of Hartley or Brown. I’d prefer to keep Hartley.
Hartley and Ambrose are sufficient depth, if we’ve got Hooker, Hurley and a few youngsters.