#31 Zach Reid

Mitch Knevitt is doing it, he’s played a bit of VFL football now, next year he’ll want to take the step up. SDK had a good VFL stint before making the step up.

Not many play 4 or 5 years in the VFL before making the seniors, that doesn’t happen anymore, aside from mature agers getting their chance


Ratogolea would be the obvious one, but maybe thats more that they didnt rate him that much and he was more of a backup.

2016 draft (75 games) 7 seasons approx on list played about 3 1/2 seasons.

If Reid gets through a stint of 5-6 games at VFL level, Scott would be itching to get him in.
I just want him to get a full season in injury free, not bothered if VFL or AFL this year.


Yeah but Ratogolea is absolute hot trash.

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I Would look at it like Reid been on the list from season 2021 -2023 (3 years)
he needs to at least get close to fully developed or at least in best 22 in next 2 years otherwise, likely moved on end of 2025. Or becomes a backup player like Stewart etc.
At his height he has serious upside to become either a Harris Andrews or a Dougal Howard.

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I’m starting to wonder whether 205cms is too tall to be a Key Position Defender :rofl:

I wonder if he’s actually a ruckman. IIRC he played a bit of ruck at NAB League level.

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In terms of size and player type, the player that he is probably most similar to is Sam Darcy. Both of ruck height but they are wiry 205cm key position players, capable of playing at either end.

Both have had issues with staying fit and available too so far. Darcy has shown a bit more when he has played IMO.

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Play him in the ruck.

Man was certain Reid got injured/died again but was just Nino on a tear.


Comment re his great kicking from the training thread noted. This kid needs continuity fcs. Please!