#31 Zach Reid

No he’s not Martin is there to set up the play not to learn how to defend


Melbourne have May and Lever we have Mackay and Reid. Rids takes the 3rd tall forward and intercepts til the early morn.

Yeah, me too

I don’t think they are moving Martin

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He always dominated the Bombers, much like Buddy (in different styles of course).

TBF king Carey dominated a lot of teams.


He also dominated he’s missus he is absolute prick of a bloke


Another good performance for him yesterday and seems to have gotten through unscathed. 21 disposals, 10 marks.

Hope if not this week comes in for Gold Coast


id think getting 3-4 more games like yesterday in him at vfl level will get him sorted for an afl berth.

i’d also hazard that dropping 2 players from the backline for reid + rids might be too much movement for a settled team with a bit of form


That goal he kicked on the boundary in the pocket, is probably the best goal of all time.

He is the key to our premiership fortunes in the next 5 years.

Id be much happier if the key to our premiership fortunes were pinned on something stronger than Reids hamstrings.


His quads?


Bring, it’s time to release the two beasts

No more easing him through the VFL. if hes as good as they keep saying he is, just get him into the team.

I think allowing him to quietly go about things in the VFL and get confidence in his body and his game is perfect.

It’s good that we’re not currently in a situation where we need him in the AFL backline. Someone will go down or cop a suspension and he’ll get his chance. But for now, this is good.


I suppose one good thing. Playing backline in the Essendon VFL side will allow him to see copious quantities of the football to further hone his skills.


Tough on Jayden but I think he has to come in for the FarkCarlton game, given the 3 talls in that game.

Lav’s size worries me against De Koning - assuming we get Ben on Harry and Ridley on Curnow.

The only other match up could be Lav on Curnow (to allow Ridley to zone off) but we’d get destroyed, I feel.

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If he replaces lav we are too tall in defence. Lav has also been good and his form warrants continued selection. If there’s selection integrity it should be a while before we see Reid.

Pittonet is injured at the moment and De Koning solo rucked on the weekend rather than playing forward.

Depending on the severity of Pittonet’s injury (or Carlton selection) this mightn’t be a problem.

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