#32 Josh Eyre

Poor kid.

Dang. Was a great opportunity for the guy.

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And not just a standard 3-4 week hammy. Hammy tendon! Bad news!

Hopefully little brother doesn’t have the same issues!

Didn’t he do his hammy the equivalent week when close to a St Kilda slot last year?

Pretty rough. Probably pushing himself through some pain to try and impress


Yep, serious one last year too. Unlucky for the lad

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Appears to be one of those unfortunate with luck and a body not made for AFL.

Just like hunter, does not have the body to stand up to the rigours of footy unfortunately

Both 21 yo talls who haven’t grown into their bodies yet. It’s hardly over, but they could both do with a huge slice of injury luck.

(Although to be fair the 2002 birthday talls who I want the injury luck to go to first are Reid and Cox)


He never had the makings of a varsity athlete

Maybe, but its sure as hell looking like he’s just injury prone. Some guys are just like that


Injuries weren’t his issue when listed with us - well certainly not leather poisoning given how few times he touched it.


Or the ability unlike Hunter.
I’m very surprised he is looked at still.
I saw nothing at essendon. Ok maybe one game he played hb and didn’t seem lost.

He played at Collingwood VFL last year. The AFL team had a year to look at him properly.

Collingwood seem to have a pretty good system at the moment. Reckon he must have been doing a lot right to get this far down the road with them.

Absolute bummer for him he’s gotten injured.


Who pays for surgery for an injury for a train on? Collingwood? AFLPA? Insurance through Eyre’s management?

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Was playing Back. Guess being tall helps



Good on him. Great effort to get a second go at it.


Great work, Josh. It’s always great to see blokes work hard and get another opportunity.

Who had Josh Eyre 2024 Premiership Full-Back on their 2021 Bingo Card?

Anzac Day Medallist lock it in