#32 Travis Colyer


How good is it to have Colyer back? For me he was one of the most important signings.
He will be a really important player for us this year. I think he's pretty underrated. I had to go back to 2016 to find this thread.


His kicking is a real strength now. Seemed like most time he got possession, a nice bullet pass to a team mate opening the game up was the end result. Don't think I've ever seen someone improve their kicking skills as much as this bloke has.


He was awesome yesterday.

Didn't stop until the final whistle.

Has turned himself into one heck of a player.


He was this good before his ban too. People have short memories. He is VITAL through the middle considering how fkg slow everyone else is in there


Trav is the only player at our club able to match Danger for speed. Suggest that in future if we want to try to curb Dangerfield at all, Trav could be tried on him head to head . Or even be asked to tag him. Thats a possible strategy for 1 game a year, maybe more if we play them in finals.


Had exactly the same thought.. but I worry that Trav is not strong enough to hold Danger but at least he could put pressure on him..

I reckon Colyer on Danger would be a good move tactically.


In terms of physical strength, do not underestimate Trav and he is good body on body. In terms of height against Dangerfield, that might be the weakness.


Love this bloke. Thanks fark he came back.



IMO Colyer has performed the best of the returning players in the pre-season games.

Hepp, Jobe, Hurley etc have struggled for touch at times, but Colyer hasn't missed a beat.


wtf? zach was the only one that brought danger down at stoppages...


Maybe true Barnz, but Danger mainly got us on the outside in the 3rd quarter.


by outside you mean running through the stoppage and just bolting?


Seems like he's been around forever but he's only the same age as Carlisle and Melksham.

Hope he has a big year this year.


Yeah was in the same draft as Carlisle and Melksham. It might turn to be a great draft for us - Colyer, Francis and Begley.


Would be bullied by danger. He isn't big enough and isn't really a two-way player at this stage in his career.


Having now watched the replay, one thing that stood out above others was how important to us Colyer is. It was an absolute delight to see him a few times put the head down, arch the back and put in a really quick first few steps to get separation from his opponent. His field kicking is a weapon, too.


Then we need a gorilla to tackle Danger and ride him into the ground a few times, even if we give away some frees. Its probably the only way to quieten him down.


I'm seriously excited about our mosquito fleet, of which Trav is a major component.

Check it out....
Colyer & Fantasia have serious wheels.
Tippa, Zerrett and Parish have as good a first 5 steps as almost anyone in the competition (Rioli excepted).
Zaka no slouch either.

Then we have the 2 Mcs just waiting for their chance (McKenna & McGrath).
If we get our inside mix working well, I think we will cause the opposition some major headaches with our speed.


I agree that Colyer can be one of our most Dangerous players, and he looks sharp this pre season.

Still doesn't get enough footy for mine though. Needs to play as a pure mid and push 20+ touches most weeks.

Should really be our best outside mid.


Might be the best of all our returning players too.