#32 Travis Colyer


Frawley is also deceptively quick


He's also deceptively average...




It was the best thing Frawley did all day, but it was good. I am happy Trav is happy to try that on, it just stands out when you get it wrong. All good. Exciting.


Frawley used the angle well. No issues from me with Trav doing that. if he gets past there, almost certain goal.


Colyer had no support, and seemingly no clear targets (watching on TV - so there may have been options that were not visible to me). It went on for a while and still no Don arrived to give an easy out. Frawley did play it well and gave it his all - he stayed on the ground afterwards. Colyer still nearly went past. Anakin ended up in a big black suit the last time I saw someone make a move from the low ground like that.

Unlike Jake Long who habitually tries to do to much to his detriment, I think Colyer has fair grasp of the right move at the time.


When he marked it he had parish and another charging through the middle unmarked from the back of the square (I don't think you can see them on TV). Turning outside was the wrong option and he became increasingly isolated the further he ran. If he'd gone inboard we would likely have ended up with a scoring opportunity.

But whatevs, he has a licence to take the game on, I'm happy if he keeps using it because for each opportunity missed he'll create more than his fair share by going for it.

Let's not turn this into the zaharakis thread


Frawley is fast. Most FB's these days are.


Yeh I saw parish too and was hoping he would quickly send it that way, rather than take frawley on. But imagine he has a licence to do that.
I thought Colyer was a bit scratchy/rusty. but that is ok, I think he will improve on that.
His runs in the 2015 rd 2 Hawks game is still burned in my memory, we cant expect all of the returning guys to hit the ground running like Hep (who looked rusty in JLT).

I think Watson, Stanton, Colyer, Hurley, Hooker will all be better next week after their first full game. There will also be more responsibility on Colyer to contribute with Green out IMO.


I was at the game on that side of the ground. When Colyer paused and turned inboard he had 3 targets I can recall. all slightly defensive of his position but in the corridor.


Fair enough. I didn't see that.


Not mongoose quick


But on watching the replay, he literally had no options and you're wrong.


Didn't dominate but with the amount of midfield/forward flank depth we have not everyone is going to rack up 25 possession/ or 2 goals every game. Has actually surprised me this year how classy he has looked with the ball as a well rounded classy using linking midfielder, not just a 'run gun kick goal' type.

Last week it was Fanta, Parish, Stanton befitting from others good work. This week it could be Tippa, Langford, Zaka or Colyer....very important to share the load.


I thought he was really good especially early.


TV shows you very little; replay only focuses on Colyer & Frawley and the immediate area around them.

Being in the southern stand I had a very good view - Colyer really hesitated for a reason when he paused - it's because he seriously considered the options I mentioned.


I'm joking mate. Its a tongue in cheek comment aimed at the zaka thread.


Him and Kelly set us up early

This is what's great about our list this year

Did they fade, or did Hepp and Zerrett lift?

It's hard to keep dominating a game when the great blonde one and Mr Football are ball hogging.


Found Trav's long lost Twin. Cpl. Dwayne Hicks the arse kicking alien hunter!


I thought he was BOG. Sure fantasia got the goals and Zach got the pill, but this guys running and linking up, and clean possessions throughout the game was unbelievable. Genuine A grade performance.