#32 Travis Colyer


Off with the rose coloured glasses son. You’re kidding yourself. He’s average at best.


Argh. I have been trying to forget that game. Lambs to the slaughter.


Saad would win.
Over 30m though, it’s arguable.


WOB. Pls.

Pls do not mention that game ever again…


Colyer would smoke him


I want more guys sprinting 100m from 35m out from the opponent’s end to kick goals in RED TIME.

Three years on, with the game even more compressed, that’s more relevant than ever.

Cued up…

Also, Lumberjack Guy.


Only for modern times.

For example, our 1960s Premiership ruckman, Don McKenzie, was only an inch or two over 6’. So I am guessing that most of the players in most teams in those days and earlier were under 6’ tall.


Disturbing news. Would probably get an even longer suspension for that.


Biggs, Picken, Dalhouse, Smith, Hunter, Libba, McLean, Daniel, Johannison.

It can work.


My preference is for Colyer to spend the year in the VFL building up his fitness and form - Then have a big pre-season and rip into 2019.


I’m sure that’s not his preference.
I don’t see why he shouldn’t come in in a few weeks if his form is solid


If anything I’d say Trav would love to play in front of his family and friends in Western Australia.


It’s Colyer, he’s just as likely to get injured next preseason. He needs to play if fit.


And what if he builds AFL worthy form this year? There’s still half a season to go, and we have a few other midfielders with medium term injuries right now.


Easy in for me when he’s fully match fit, in place of Green.


Yep - the longer a fringe player is out injured, the better they invariably get. It’s the biological imperative of suppressing bad memories hard at work.


If he can a) run out a game and b) pick the ball up without tapping it forward 40m, then bring him in.


Trav needs a 3 - 4 games minimum under his belt first, and should only come back in to the senior team if his exposed form is good enough.


yep, i’m a somewhat fan that if he can reach his best again he’d add value.

but in reality he had a purple patch of about 10 games at the end of 2014, a purple patch at the start of 2015 and then got injured.

plently on here myself included were saying mid 2014 that if he doesn’t get his ■■■■ together soon he’ll prolly be delisted.
at that stage he was still one week in the next out player.
then he hit that purple patch and he looked like a superstar, hitting targets, kicking goals, long quick runs.


I reckon they will play him if smith doesn’t play