#32 Travis Colyer


Watching the VFL match against Coburg on YouTube Colyer is a long way off.

His kicking was as bad as it’s ever been, turning great passages of play to a stand still.

One of the best plays of the day had a series of handballs and dashing runs ( hello nick hind) the ball ends with a pass to Colyer 25 meters out directly in front and he misses.

He missed another set shot 30 meters out shortly after to be followed by a third miss in goal.

He has no touch or game awareness at all, nothing like 2015.

I hope he finds his touch but I don’t think he should be brought in to the seniors until he does.


I have no idea why anyone thinks he’s ready to come in straight away after half a season/pre-season and a couple of reduced minutes games. Especially when people want our best players to play VFL after only two weeks out

I also have no idea why anyone would want to keep him out of the team if he does find touch, but apparently many here are keen to go the tank right now.


Never been one of my favourites and was surprised with his selection.

Was non-existent in the first half.

Very good second half particularly late in the game. Turned out to be a good selection against a slow side and did some great stuff late when others were cooked.

Very happy for him.


Better than Green. More upside. Stays in.


This is Trav though, I’m not sure how many 4th qtr’s I’ve seen him still hitting packs at 110% but it has been a lot, he used to really great 1st qtr player too

Hope he stays, his best is best 22, much better than Green, and leagues ahead of truckverde.


Decent game first up - Can’t believe there’s any debate about whether or not he should be playing. Given the injuries to Zaka and Parish and the fact he is streets ahead of Green as far as what he offers to the team. the man is a NO BRAINER.


Will be better for the run, his extra pace is a bonus.


Would have been nice for him had he held that grab and goaled! Sure the boys would have got around him had he slotted it!

I reckon he adds heaps to our side and has more strings to his bow than Corg.

Welcome back.


As someone stated, barely noticed in the first half. Was wondering what benefit he’d be to the team given how far back he’s come from BUT was happy with his flashes of brilliance when the game was on the line in the second


mcKenna, Saad
mcgrath, colyer
tippa, fanta
If we get any quicker we won’t be able to see a game live and will have to record and play in slow motion.


Give us moar line breakers!


Bit harsh on corgi i would say he has colyer covered for goal sense and disposal by a fair way. Also i think he goes in a bit harder. Colyer has green on pace and ability to go into the midfield and spread.


Trav also is far better defensively.
Hope he gets a good run at it now


Did enough to hold his place for someone coming back from serious injury and only one full time VFL game. Think he will get better and he will also benefit from the Saad/McKenna show


I liked what Bartel said about Saad and McKenna - They are easy to play with, as you know what they are going to do…Play on at all costs. This should make it easy for forwardline, mids etc.

Add Colyer to the mix.

Saad to Colyer to Fantasia.

Fantasia seems to have confidence back in his legs again after his injury. Think he will be pivotal against the pies next week.


Its the block of 4 or 5 games which will determine the success of Colyer’s elevation.


Certainly showed enough, and got better and better as the game went on. Was clean around the ball which is what I liked. Last year he kept running over the ball, and was a thumbler.


Operation Draft Nick Hind needs to kick into gear ASAP


Whereas when Heppell bursts forward, the forwards must wonder where its going this time…


He should be picked over green every single week.

No way could.green have done what colyer did in that last quarter