#32 Travis Colyer


I agree with this post except the “goes in harder” part. Travis go’s in hard, not an issue.


I thought he had a terrible first half. Second half he worked himself into the game and did some smart things

Colyer over Green is a no brainer


He may not be as natural a forward as Green but he offers so much more in terms of his run and his ability to play up the ground, he should also provide more defensive pressure too


Got a bit of ball late but was non-existent in the first half - probably a slight upgrade on Green at this stage.


He should go in hard because he is a little ball of muscle but i can’t remember ever seeing it. That’s one of the reasons he fumbles for mine because he doesnt put his body behind the ball when trying to retrieve it perhaps wanting to avoid contact. Green appears soft because he acts for free kicks and carries on, but i think generally he tackles hard and will put his body on the line more than trav. I’ll keep an eye out for it though if you reckon he goes in hard.


Colyer v Green, Colyer


In our 2 games against Swans last year he had 20 contested possessions. Including our final.

The contest is not his MO but when it’s his turn Trav has always put his head over the footy and in the 2 example games actually led the way.


Haven’t watch the replay but I remember watching at about 10min in the first quarter being impressed with how hard he went in to the contest in the centre square. Can’t say I’ve ever been impressed with how hard green has gone in. Not bagging green thou just how I see it.


Watching the last quarter replay again

Colyer had about 8 of his 15 possesions in the first 5-6mins or so of it.

Literally was running around lost for most of game but really came into it in the last. Hopefully sign of getting a feel for game again and a positive for improvement next few weeks.

Edit. Love to see some quarter by quarter stats, I reckon he is up to 11 maybe in the last. Nuts.


people forget in 5 minutes how two second quick reactions from colyer sunk the hawks

goes up a level when the heat is on

first game back in how long, give him 3 games to get the feel back, it’s hard coming into this team having not played in a while, think he did well

stays in


Green does have one thing over Colyer, which is that with the quick crumbing snap he’s more likely to kick the goal. He’s not great at it like Eddie Betts or Fantasia (??? hopefully), but he’s better than Colyer. In every other facet of the game Colyer has him well covered — especially getting possessions.


I think that’s how I see it.

Green knows he’s a dedicated crumber
Colyer’s a very small midfielder

I can’t ever recall Colyer softing out with contact impending, I do think he’s often thinking about spending it before he has it. He used to be a bit like that with his kicking, always trying to do every flat out.

He’s a lot harder working than Green defensively.


Was the North game Colyers best, as a mid, in terms of not making clangers?


2014 and 2015 Colyer seemed to have his previously woeful kicking sorted out to the point he became a bit of a weapon. My memory of him in 2015 was almost winning games off his own boot until he was injured.
Come 2017 his disposal regressed. But he wasn’t alone there and isn’t. I still think Heppell and Hurley’s disposal quality isn’t as good as it was pre 2016.
Against North I thought Colyers disposal was good.


This guy was utterly woeful in the first quarter.

Needs a rocket.

Not good enough from a senior player.


That was some qtr.


Outcoached? How about a lift from Colyer, McKenna, stringer, guelfi, saad, Baguley, belly? We are SO flat


Remarkable that this bloke is considered an automatic starter in the best 22.

9 touches and one tackle is absolute trash from a senior player who spends that much time around the ball. Also managed to gift them two goals in the process, without kicking any of his own.

But he’ll get a game again next week because “he’s quick”. Please.

Should’ve been made to earn a game through showing consistent form in the VFL. Did SFA last week as well, until he bobbed up with a few late touches in the last quarter.


looked like he was coasting for a lot of the game.

injured already?


Never reeaaalllly been a fan.
Just not clean enough at ground level for a small.
Very tradeable for mine,as we have enough pace in the side.
Sorry Trav.