#32 Travis Colyer


He played midfield before the ban, had a good spell in I think 2014 or 2015 but was so so fumbly later on.



He has allways been in my best 22 until now really. I think he was at least average in the AFL for quick winger. Never a star but he was worthy of being in the team.

Needs to find much better form than last week to retain being best 22.


Colyer is no doubt talented but like Myers he’s always been inconsistent and I don’t see it changing. For every good game I’ll give you 3 games where he did nothing. Even calling back to his “best” year, he’d be mostly flashes of brilliance mixed in with mostly mediocre/average play. That’s the thing that worries me most about him, you honestly never know what you’re going to get. 2 possessions in a half? 3 goals? How many Richmond players are so unpredictable? Most always give quality consistent effort. I know different positions garner different results but I’m just just talking about output I’m talking about fumbling and just being involved. People are seduced by the flashy pace but under the hood all too often he lacks substance, and people remember him with bias being good when looking back he had a lot of average games… And please don’t tell me “he’ll get better” because if he’s in the team then no excuses.

His strength is pace but he rarely uses it to tackle and doesn’t get much of the ball for it to be a big weapon or get into space like Saad does. I think at his best he’s in our best 22, and I think when he’s mediocre/average/invisible I don’t, which is 3 out of 5 games I reckon. I wonder if a change of role, perhaps down back might be interesting to try…


I don’t see him as inconsistent at all. He just took a while to develop, and then unfortunate circumstances (injury / Saga) halted his progress.

He was rubbish early in his career because he could hit the side of a barn. He then became a super player for half a season, week in week out until he got a long term injury. And then the Saga hit and he hasn’t been the same since.


So he’s arguably given us half a season so far in his career of good football? And that’s if we’re just giving this assumption that this half year was all good.


I had a lot of belief 4 years ago he would become a consistent and good footballer.

Things have gone against him to allow that and I doubt he will now. Doesn’t mean he didn’t have a bright future back then.


Hit the nail on the head. For a guy as quick as he is, you don’t see him applying lots of pressure, tackling etc.

There is still time for him to hit some form this season. For a player as inconsistent as he has been over his career, it will be a tough ask. If he doesn’t we should look at a trade.

For a guy who is a little ball of muscle, he really should be putting his body into the 50/50 contests more.


Two good half seasons. 2014 when he got into the side, and 2015 pre-injury. Can’t blame him for 2016, and 2017 he wasn’t great but still played virtually every week. This year he’s been injured again.


The way I remember it his half a season wasn’t just good it was really good. Like Fantasia good. That’s what I’m hanging onto.


Had 2 very good half seasons before injury and saga suspensions derailed things. I’m not overly optimistic of seeing his best again, but hoping we will. I don’t think his speed is what it once was and he didn’t seem willing or perhaps capable of running both ways against Collingwood. His ball handling was below average for much of last year as well. Massive fan of him, but I’d rather see him dropped to regain some form and confidence in the VFL.


If Melbourne came along and offered a 2nd round pick, you’d have to think about it.


At the end of this year? No way you’d think about it. you’d sign the trade papers immediately


Melbourne should fold if they did that.


They have form, you could have said the same about Melksham


He’s played 1 good quarter in the 2 games.

Reckon he had about 11 possessions in last vs North. 4 only for other 3Q. And only 9 across 4 quarters last week, with only 1 tackle.

Has to provide more than that or just a passenger.


Same problem as Hogan then?


Has been brought back in way too soon after a long term injury. Not his fault but more evidence of a match committee that have form for perplexing selections. Is being judged very harshly by some here IMO.


People say this, but who should have been brought in instead? Unless nobody’s noticed, half our medium/small forward options are injured or out of form.


Oh so sack dodoro and crow


I would like to read the thoughts of the only man who knows TRAV better than he would know himself, and that man is PEETO.