#32 Travis Colyer


…and probably did…


Kicked 11 goals from 11 games and 9 goals the year before, nowhere near the same level. Also managed into the 20’s for possession count only a few times.


They’d nearly go for it.
Melb have almost zero outside pace (Hunt the exception).

You know who else we have playing VFL every week who Melb could use ?..
Hartley !

Could upgrade some of our picks.


Goals and possession would obviously be great, but I’d rather he focused on consistently applying defensive pressure as he is playing predominantly high half forward and that is one of the key components of the position


I more meant the explosive break the game open, kick a goal out of no where kinda thing. He was kicking those goals from the midfield, that’s pretty good.
Fanta has him well and truely covered just saying he was giving us then what Fanta is giving us now.


Colyer would need to be picked up by GWS first then Carlton would be right into him


I agree with the above he should have had another three weeks in the VFL before he came in. But I have no doubt he will come back to his damaging best.


TBH, I didn’t think Green was doing much wrong to be dropped for an underdone Colyer, certainly for another couple weeks anyway. FWIW, I think we’ve missed Colyer this year but rushing him back in off limited preparation (don’t forget the disruption to his pre season either) don’t think that serves him or the team that well. Just my 2c obviously.


Either Green was injured in that game (and he didn’t play VFL the next week) in which case Colyer in makes sense, or he wasn’t injured, in which case his game was pretty woeful. I think Green has been fantastic pre-injury but not great in the two games back in the seniors post it.

Did Green even play VFL last week? He was on the team list, but he’s not mentioned once in the thread thereafter. If not, that’s two weeks he’s missed. Calling @DJR

#15 Josh Green
#15 Josh Green

According to footy live stats he got 23 disposals (15 kicks) and had 2 tackles. No goals or behinds though.

#15 Josh Green
#15 Josh Green

I don’t rate Green’s season. I think he gets under the tall forwards’ feet too much. I would delist him myself.

Could be just my anti-ranga stance, but then I’m excited about Franga.


He was a little ginger.


They should sit him down and show him Smith’s game tapes, week in week out, and say there is no reason why he can’t do something similar. He has the natural pace to get to the opposition ball carrier, like Smith does 15-20 times a game. Using it that way is just a mindset, not a skill. Then each week review him, and measure his performance. If he doesn’t do it, or won’t do it, leave him out until he does. Then it wouldn’t matter if he fumbles or turns it over a bit, or only gets 12-14 possessions a game.


And tell him not to be a greedy little bugger looking for handpasses in the goal square. I’d rather he was running to the drop of the ball as the forward is trying to mark, not after.


Are you talking about Colyer or Green?


Noons is talking about Green.


The old fella gets a bit confused sometimes … :smirk:


Considering Colyer never ever does it…and Green does…I thought it was obvious.


Maybe. Agree he is one of thoseguys that should come back through VFL and push for a spot - he’s no Smith. I’d have preferred Long this week and for him to go back to VFL to ply his trade.


Don’t rate @Paul_Peos ?