#33 Alwyn Davey Jnr

Firstly, bringing someone in because “they can’t be worse than” is redundant thinking, i’m not saying we shouldn’t be looking to make changes, but bring someone in when you know they are going to be better than what’s there.

Secondly, the suggestion that Guelfi, ADJ, Menzie, Gresham, Jayden, and Tex are all in the same depth chart isn’t accurate. I reckon if you talked to the coaches you’d find even though they are “smalls” that there are actually 2 different roles being performed by that group, throw in Hind too tbh.

Thirdly. I don’t think the role Alywn is playing in the seniors is actually where he is best suited. As a junior he was more a high half forward who spent time in the midfield. Personably while i’m happy he’s got a block of senior footy into him i’d like him to spend some time in the 2’s playing a role similar to what Gresham does in the 1’s and take a look at Jayden or Tex when they’ve got back to full fitness


Lucky we have Gresham in the team or else it would have to be Merrett going up for the exchange during the Dreamtime game if Davey is out

I think J Davey would perform better in that specific role because he’s faster. They both aren’t going to impact contests physically, my only concern would be fitness.

I’d have thought Hunter is in trouble

If Setterfield does not stay healthy after returning in the next few games I think their will be question marks

I think they move on Shiel whichever way they can

Weideman is obviously gone

I’d say sheil trade Weid gone and the others in the gun would Hunter Baldwin Tex

Keep Alwyn in this week against a bottom side and hope they don’t choose us again to have their spirited effort, as they always do.

Bring in Jayden as the sub.

Hunter and Baldwin stay, otherwise we are looking for depth replacement anyway


Should be ok.

Goldy took the Shin boner spirit with him.

We are one man down while he is on the field. Can’t understand how he gets a game every week

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was a fan but I am done - doesn’t do anything at all!

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Time running out, surely.

Doubt they will drop him for Dreamtime at the G, but you never know.

Been saying it for weeks, hes not up top it, theres a reason no other team placed a bid on him. Please sub him off now!

Liability of a player.

And if thats the case, that just validates that Essendon has gone full Woke!

Menzie offers more

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Just drop him. Screw political correctness for dreamtime

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The pile on from our supporters on this kid is a joke


Where is he at @THE_DON1 ? Is is still tracking as hoped? Are we as confident in the player you saw as a kid 24 months ago?

let’s not rewrite history.

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