#33 Brayden Ham


So as far as AFL goes, we should just glaze over him for now?


We usually spend the first 2 or 3 years switching them all over the ground, for you know, development purposes.



Looked good in the few mins he was on. But let’s be honest himself and draper where the only ones left having a crack at that stage


I don’t mind that he lacks a few kgs and more importantly, he doesn’t seem to mind either. I reckon he showed more in 5 min of footy than Mr twoplus2 showed in 2 JLPs. I remember Wanga’s didn’t have too much meat on him when he won a Brownlow. He seems to have perfect attributes to play on a wing and should be given opportunities that are not based on his size. If he is in form, then play him.


olivia newton john is mirin that haircut.


Send him on a cruise with Smoking Joe Misiti .


80kg should be enough for him to play the role he will likely play at AFL level.


Won’t be getting a game until he shaves those sideburns!


How’s the tenacity of the kid!




What’s Gown got to do with it?


Debut bump.


Quality bump.

All the very very best to the kid.


All the best, it’s Hammer time!


Is that another term for a pregnant belly?


Bought to go HAM


his hock


Could this be our Good Friday omen change. BOG Ham


Did Brayden give Zaharakis have Swine Flu?