#33 Brayden Ham


Seems to get to the right places, and was running reasonably strongly all the way to the end.

Did try to body a north player when they were both running for the ball at one point. Bounced off and the north player didn’t break stride. Might want to put that move away for a couple of years.


Your boy looks good @Deckham


Great debut, cannot complain about that at all. He is going to be a very good player imo.


Has a while to go, but has something about him I really like. Still see him more forward than back, given our list.


Yeah, I see it.


Saad wouldn’t be too happy either.


is it the 70s female lead in a rom com haircut?


Elite runner with a good kick who tackles and chases. A good late pick up by Dodo and co.


Some great attributes. Lot of positives. Lol Did a bit of Colyer in the 2nd with fumbles.

With that elite running, he could be the winger we are looking for, in time.


So why do you want to hit him?


Unfortunately will have to make way for Zaka or Smith


Great first game showed no nerves did the hard stuff, shirked a few bumps early in the game then went in hard later, will be a great player.


I’m not sure who you guys were watching. He wasn’t up with the pace or the pressure of the game on several occasions, but it’s great that he’s got a taste and his first goal to cap it all off.


being at the game he was nowhere near it. But great reward and a great moment when he kicked his first.


A very good debut IMHO. Didn’t look out of place, showed some dash, hit a couple of nice passes, kicked a goal. A bit fumbly in the second half and might not get a second AFL game this year but looks to be a keeper.


The pace of the game seemed a bit much for him at times, but for his first game he did very well.

The mark and goal was most pleasing.

He is a cutie too.


Sat near a group of his mates today


awesome nickname


Liked what i saw of this kid today. Needs some time in the gym, could step into baguley’s spot next year


We were going with Ham.ster as he has wheels.


I thought as a first up game he played very well. He didn’t seem overawed at all to me. Love his kicking action he has a great action and he looks poised.

Was disappointed Heppell’s kick to him early in the game when Ham had space on the wing was poorlybexecuted. Ham to his credit picked up the ball whilst under pressure and gave off to Guelfi.

I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen and think we have a player on our hands here. Obviously needs to put some size on but on what he showed today he is gonna be a beauty.

Really looking forward to watching this lad develop over the next 2 years.