#33 Brayden Ham


Was a little bit fumble but you can expect that in a first game. Some of his kicks into the forward line were pure caviar


I’m not sure putting on weight is going to happen with Ham without compromising his speed.

He may build a little strength and size naturally but like Fantasia he’s going to have to learn to play without having an AFL sized body.

Winning ground balls and building a huge tank is his game and becoming a metres gained player that can bob up for the occasional goal.


A lot to like. Didn’t shirk, ran hard, good kick. Congrats to him.


I definitely smell a pork product of some description.


At first I thought he looked overwhelmed with the occasion & made a few blunders but the longer the game went on the more he looked at home. Will make way for Smith/Zak but hopefully this small taste will spur him on even more.


Need more food orientated names in the team.


Replacement for Colyer.


a few mistakes that are pretty standard for a debutant but thought he played well. went in hard and kicked his first goal. great start!


Cometh the Ham, cometh the hour.


I thought he did well. He’s an elite 800m runner with great sprint times as well. I don’t think we want him to put on a lot of size as speed and endurance are his best assets. He’s not overly tall and will have a lot of competition to make the best 22. Great first game. Also from what you read he puts in the effort and has improved a heap. Hope to see him a lot more this year.


2nd for distance covered
3rd for tackles
3rd for pressure acts

Phenomenal for a first gamer.


Thought he was awesome. Didnt look out of place at all


A keeper.


Scores a goal before Dylan!!!


Too small to wear gloves :rofl:


Shocked to see he only had 10 disposals. Felt like he was far more prominent than that.
Just seemed to be everywhere, which is supported by the distance covered stat. Will possibly be an unfortunate omission through no fault of his own if Zaka or Smith come back in.
Could be another great late draft pick up by us.


Definitely looked out of place

Performance wise is another story


Watch the replay of his mark and goal: starts waaaaay behind his man and zips straight past him on the sprint to the goal square.


He buried some flog in the Etihad turf in the last quarter which made me smile


Shiel to Hepp to McG to Merrett to HAM SAUSAGE ROLL. Awesome finish to the game.