#33 Brayden Ham


I remember thinking “which North player just got buried by a skinny first gamer?”

Then Jared Polec jumped up, and it made sense.


Despite weighing the same amount as a triscuit soaking wet, he cracked in damn hard quite a few times.

For the rest of the year, if we lose or if a senior player pulls out of a contest that they should be entering, I want the coaching staff to show film of this young man going in for contested footy as if he was prime Jobe and at worst creating a ball up.

I think we have a player here.


Ham’s great tackling efforts at the first two centre bounces of the second half were super important. Helped to ensure we kept the foot down to nail the door shut. Clearly he is not the finished product yet but he showed more than enough to let me think we have a player with huge potential.


Talk about factor this kid has it

Never gives up trying!! Look at that tackling pressure of his brilliant.

Once he puts on some more muscle over next preseason he will become even a better player with even more confidence than what he already shows. Like him up forward in a pocket is good


I was just watching this draft video that EFC reposted today, and an impression flooded back to me…

When I first saw it on draft night, I remember being a little struck by the marking for such a small player.

And then he demonstrated it again today for his first goal. Might not be a fluke!


No fluke he had all north players around him aswell. That’s confidence and playing above his physical size.

He will be very good player for us in the future


That’s farkin’ impressive


Reckon this kid can football. Super competitive.


Can’t see him playing more than 5 games this season. Can see him playing 15+ next year though.


First gamer cut him some slack. Has real potential.


On those stats alone you’d be hard to knock him back for Anzac Day.

However Zaka and Smith have too come in and he’ll get his opportunity next year if he keeps improving


A bit fumbly but very impressive

At the game I noticed how well he worked himself into space but was ignored by teammates.

Still early days but we may have found one


Really hope he stays in. An outside gut-runner with skills, and another inside bull, were the two missing pieces we needed to find to give us a serious shot at a flag. Definitely got the latter in spades with Shiel. Ham could easily be the final piece if given more of a chance.

Pretty much every player (except maybe Ridley and Hooker) has had a case of the fumbles in their first games this year, so I really hope that doesn’t give the selectors any cause to drop him.

Yes, two from yesterday’s team need to make way for Zaka and Smith to come back in, and Ham is an obvious one of those two. I just really hope he’s not.

Guelfi was playing Smith’s role, and did an admirable job, but Smith would do it better. So maybe Guelfi has to go for Smith? And Zaharakis would do better at Myers’ role. But Myers seems to have compromat on everyone in the selection panel and probably the executive and Board too, so he aint budging unless he feels like it. So maybe Ham can kick Baguley out of his small pressure forward role, until a mid-spot opens up?


He had a nice debut but he certainly makes way on Thursday.


Have decided to indulge in a bountiful plate of crispy bacon this morning in honour of a certain debutant. Make of that what you will.


What on earth? You want Guelfi out after yesterday’s game? You’re having a laugh surely?
I like that Ham had a chance - was a solid debut, but lets not get carried away. He has a taste now, so lets see him back it up with a solid block of form so he can get another shot at it.

But didn’t do enough to stay in for mine, and I suspect most objective observers


Do I want him out? No. But he was filling in for Smith. So whether Ham goes out (which is almost certain I know) or not, Guelfi’s probably going to have to make way anyway.

Ham would be making way for Zaka.


It was a great debut, might get another couple of games this year.

Next year, watch out. Speed, skills and can run all day.

Surprisingly for us he can also kick.

This will change.


Maybe belongs in next weeks game day thread but based on Guelfi’s form yesterday, he plays ahead of Baguley in my opinion.


We’re not allowed to have that thread until after today’s VFL game. Even though there’s nothing more certain than no VFL player is going to make their way into the side no matter how well they play today (pending any unknown injuries from yesterday).