#33 Brayden Ham


This I believe is what should and will happen. No slight on Ham, but I just don’t think he did enough for us to say that he must play next week.

I’d be very disappointed if Guelfi was dropped this week. I’d drop Baguley based on form and yesterday’s output in particular


I’m still betting on Redman to secure that position.


We’re finally beginning to make some inroads on this, and accumulating some above average kicks… Redman, Francis, Riley, Begley, Brown, Merret, Ham, Walla, Mckenna… it’s getting better.


Ham being at the post-match press conference next to Woosha’s a good sign too.


Said he had too many lollies and got a bit silly.


One on each side?


After Zaka, Riley.


I guess that explains the fumbles. Just needs to stay of the lollies next week then.


Don’t know if it’s been mentioned in here but i thought BTs prosciutto joke was pretty pretty good.


After watching the game again I wouldn’t be dropping this kid, his workrate was incredible and no doubt the big open spaces of the G would suit his running ability down to the ground.
Sprinted in to the first 2 center bounces in Q3 and laid tackles on Higgins and Atley…and he can kick.



Very impressive. Not just an outside player either. No doubt we have a ripper here


Obviously highly thought of by the powers that be. Apart from Pidge cannot recall any one coming into the team after just one game in the magoos.
Make of that what you will.




its pretty ■■■■■■■ easy when you covery 50 metres each time you have a set shot.

■■■■ off sideshow bob.


For a first gamer the way he acquitted himself looked like a top 20 draft pick rather than a 70’s pick.

Looks a player and that takes away a lot of the sting of having to give up last year’s first rounder for Shiel.


I actually thought he got some really good touchs early but second half seemed a bit slow/wasn’t used to the pace.

Is he more a midfielder or a half forward ? Does he have a goal sense?


Donnington pls


Exhibit A: The pass to McGrath for his goal, was weighted perfectly. A bit fumbly at times, and got pushed off the footy too easily at times, but made up for it with his second and third efforts, like his tackles on the far wing, after a fumble. A very promising debut. The mark and goal were fitting reward, against a much bigger opponent, showed his footy smarts.


As good as his first game was, are you gonna keep our best and fairest in Smith or Zaka out for him?