#33 Brayden Ham


If you are good enough, you are tall enough.


So long as we keep scoring 100+ we can draft all the dwarfs on St Kilda’s books for all I care.


Pretty sure they’ve already burned through all of their dwarfs


Unfortunately I think they’ve been long thrown out of the club for being short on talent.


Jerrett + Colyer = Ham


most important revelation on blitz since how many goal joe daniher kick.


As far as low-brow humour goes, it was cutting it fine.


Well, all I can say is that’s all rubbish, because everyone knows that Heppell is slower than a geriatric slug on a salted street.


He probably moved at exactly 9.4km an hour for every meter of those 14km. Zero accelerations


I think Heppell left his GPS on driving home


That’s crap. CJ you are old enough to know the footy truisms that “a good tall player will beat a good short player” and by the end of the game, though players slow down, tall players still play tall.


Will you be the one to tell Ham, Smith, Shiel, Zerrett, McGrath & Tippa they aren’t tall enough for AFL?


You obviously didn’t read the part where he was fifth for total sprints


I think for the total and repeat sprints, the winner is shown in the graphic and the list and numbers for both are actually the distance covered results.


Seems to be fixed up a bit^ now…

(^Repeat sprints is showing all zeros, but at least it’s not in alphabetical order, so the order might repeesent the actual results not shown.)


He is not as short as a thought he was 181cm.

In a few years when he fills out that running capacity is going to a weapon. With an AFL program he could be like a Scully or Whitfield.


Same people having a go at Ham had a go at Fantasia. For the same reasons.


Liked the look of him. All left footers look classy but he showed some nice skills, especially his first disposal at AFL level, a slick handpass when under pressure, and his kick into the F50 to find McGrath with not a lot of space to pick him out which led to Andy’s 1st goal. Very pleased he got a goal on debut too, good mark overhead. Well and truly proved the selectors right in picking him. Probably makes way Anzac Day but certainly not a slight on his performance at all. Well done kid, keep working hard!


That was a cm perfect kick to…Orazio.

Was an outstanding pass.


Also did a great pass to Tippa, who dropped it. Had 4 inside 50’s. Not sure what happened with the other two. Will have to do a rewatch.