#33 Brayden Ham


“Hey piggy - what do you want us to put down as your nick?”
“Can we make it ‘Hammer’?”
Hammer??? WTAF man - you’re a puny munchkin!
“Please? Hammer?”
“Aww…fark ok. Hammer you are”


I’m pretty sure Ham is a left-footer


If that’s the case he has highly refined non-preferred which is pretty exciting.


Replying to a 3 month old post just to can me out? Classy.


This was my favourite bit


It was the first unread post on my list.
Hang on…

Woof woof, woof woof, bow wow.


The f*uck?


An upgrade on Ricky then given he’s two sided.

Still think Scott Lucas was the worst component on his opposite foot I have ever seen for the Bombers. Even @Heather_Mills has a better opposite.


i tend to go all right


Is it just me, or everytime I see him I think he makes Gleeson look ripped. I feel like he’ll need at least another full season in the gym before he’s physically ready for senior footy


decent foot skills but looks like a rake.
needs to be locked up in the gym.


Same situation as Fantasia. Skinny kid with a lot of upside. No need to rush him. Get him for nothing, spend time developing him, potential star for very little.



Or is this something we say about every 3+ rounder…


No. Historically we went for role players with late picks. This year we didn’t have any urgent gaps, so went for long development upside players.

All of our picks could realistically be very good players, but just as realistically each of them could hit a wall and fail. Having a risky crack at an A grader is better for the team at the moment than bringing in a reliable C grade role player.


I think it was @Humble_Minion before this draft saying our strategy in this draft should be to swing for the fences. It seems we did just that. Hopefully 1 or 2 of them come off.



Look at the ball! Look at the ball!


Ham and a 3rd round pick?


WAY too soon, man


I don’t know about ripped, but he certainly makes Gleeson look confident.