#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de some more


Club’s considering rolling the dice and playing him in AFLX.


If they do it’ll have to be flashing ones.



Second. Did a calf. But yeah I don’t really buy the “injury prone” thing for that reason.



You don’t buy that he is injury prone?


Right you are, I missed that one.
I agree that injury prone is a different thing to being unlucky. Lavs issue is not the frequency or amount of injuries, but the recovery time due to the seriousness of them. When he has an injury, he doesn’t f*ck around!!


No I don’t. If Tom Hawkins falls on your collarbone you’re not injury prone it’s just hard luck.

Edit: He’s had 4 injuries in 4 years. 2 of them have been hard luck and two soft tissue. It’s just fkn unfortunate that they have all been big and at the absolute worst time of the season (haven’t they all been February or later to April or earlier?)




Weren’t Pears’ injuries almost all freak “accidents”?


Afl.com.au Injury list update has him at 4 weeks. He is likely to be back in time for round 1 or 2 of the VFL (Round 3 or 4 of AFL) which is good news.


This guy has written a book on how to cope with multiple injuries.


Well only if you consider a busted pancreas to be a “freak” accident. I blame Quinn personally.


When he’s ready to come in, Where does he play and who’s spot does he take?


By the time he’s back someone will either be injured or out of form. Not enough opportunity or highlights to warrant a permanent position so for the time being he’s a mid/forward rotation.


Evidence suggests that by the time he’s back the someone who’ll be injured will in fact be him again.


What has happened to speed up his recovery? On the latest injury update he is listed as 2-3 weeks. When he was initially diagnosed he was set to miss 12 weeks and return in about round 8 or 9 at the earliest. Not as bad as first thought?


It’s funny how they don’t even try and make it accurate. The day/date last updated is even wrong (Wednesday the 19th).

They’ve got Parish on the list but not Myers or McNeice


Personally, l blame The Geisch.


April 7th Round 1 VFL return date

Not gone for the year.
Standard 4 to 5 weeks for a hammy plus two (or three weeks - late VFL start) conditioning.

Only a fortnight before this thread springs back into life ( assuming life is a circular argument / reincarnation type of thing )


I have no idea on what his role would be if we have all our mids and forwards to choose from.