#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de




I hope he can get up for the Hawks but if he doesn’t I think Begely would be a suitable replacement. I know he had a very average game today but he’s got the potential and he’s only going to get better. Would love to see what Laverde could do if he could stay injury free. He’s shown plenty of glimpses but hasn’t quite been able to consistently perform at his best.


I spose the question is who is a better option? Redman? Green?

Probably take either of those before Begley given what he showed today - that the 4 goal haul is probably more the exception rather than the rule at this stage of his career.


I was mainly thinking Begely for his size and physicality which would be missed if Laverde goes out. He’s a beautiful kick for goal as well which he didn’t show today but is something we badly need. I don’t think Redman has shown anything that would make him a more obvious choice although that said I haven’t seen anything of him this year and am only going on what I saw last season. I thought Walla excelled today being the focal small forward without Green. Don’t know if it was because he had more space or if it was just a coincidence. If Green is fit though it would be hard to leave him out considering he is probably the best kick for goal at the club.


I’d be running with

Laverde Daniher tippa
Fantasia hooker green

Round 1. With Stewart floating through there too


I’m not sure Laverde has done enough to be in R1


Let’s face it. Begley was really exciting but he played one good game then reminded us that essentially he’s a kid who isn’t quite ready yet and could flounder in the proper stuff against a proper side. If Lav is unfit I’d be trusting that Redman would be more seasoned and ready to come in and play to a higher standard than Begley rd 1.


Redman is a mile off it imo and nowhere near ready for Seniors. They could of course go with hooker, Daniher and Stewart as the third tall, complimented by our smalls in walla, green and raz


I reckon as soon as Leuey went down the 3 tall forwards became pretty likely.

It does mean that Laverde finds himself battling for a spot against the smalls, as his height is less important.


Had what 4? goal assists.


Yep. As much as I would like to see Stewart get a game, personally I’d go with Laverde (his size and style make a point of difference in the front half, plus he can add to the mid rotations) and get some ruck time into Joe.


Get them all in and either win by 60 or lose by 100

We are such a unknown. It’s gonna be fascinating round 1


I’d have Laverde in if fit for sure. I think he has a huge future and is difficult match for height and pace.


Yep, I agree. I have a lot of faith in this bloke. It will click some time soon.


If you’re talking about a genuine replacement for laverde, then i think the forgotten man Ben Howlett should be in the conversation. Knows where the goals are, and adds a bit more midfield depth which we lacked yesterday. In saying this if Laverde is fit, he plays round 1.


Has some odd ankle injury that they are seeking more advice on tonight

Doubt we see him round 1


I didn’t like the sounds of that at all…


Flexor retinaculum injury is concerning. He may have to go under the knife with that.

Farking hell. He had no continuity last season and this season kicking off in the same fashion.


We should have traded him when we had the chance! :worried:


That will not be good unfortunately. Our injury list is growing very quickly now.