#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


See you after the bye Jayden.

Forward line of Hooker, Daniher and Stewart.

One of Daniher/Stewart to relieve McKernan - and Langford to push forwad as 3rd tall.

OF course this is all until we unleash Francis in Round 3.


Are you guys looking at taking over Doc Larkins’ role of
prematurely pre-fact-ulating?




Yeah it’s a really tricky one, that is one of those sorts of injuries that you need to wait till he is 100% before you play again because it can cause long term structural problems. I would say 6 weeks depending on if all his tendons underneath are in the right spots. It’s a month off weight bearing.


Really odd injury, was an awkward landing where the foot seemed to flick around like it was on a spring. Barely seemed hurt, but obviously caused damage.

I reckon it wouldn’t hurt to get him some judo lessons, learn how to fall without hurting himself.

Might not have prevented this, but certainly can help decrease injuries which he seems prone to…


Absolutely mate. It basically holds all the muscles responsible for flexing your ankle in place at their tendons. A prick of an injury to do, especially on the eve of the season. Feel for the bloke. He’d be frustrated as hell.


Someone shoot me.


Sadly that may be accurate. There are loads of variables and I have few details but with my admittedly limited knowledge I’d guess 3 months assuming the reporting of the injury is correct.


This poor boy just keeps breaking :confused:
At least his injuries have mostly been things out of his control, such as the **** that sat on his shoulder last year against Geelong



I’m not sure if he was best 22 yet, but he has so much promise. If he wasn’t in the AFL side I wanted him learning to dominate at VFL level. Instead he’s on the damn side lines.

I doubt we’ll go with a medium tall anyway. Given our ruck and midfield woes, any spare slot will be used on players that can bolster those positions. I suspect JD, Stewart/Hooker, and Walla, Raz, Green and Colyer are all locks, so not really seeing the place for another medium tall. A Belly & Smack combo is a chance simply because of the ruck issues.


Silver lining? Back for finals!


I was hugely impressed by Laverdes preseason form. In my eyes it just reassured me that we have an absolute quality player on our hands. I had him inked into the side round 1. He’s a classy 200 game player if he can get on the park.

Sadly it sounds like he’s hurt the inside of his ankle which is the bad side to hurt. I think the best 22 side is definitely hurt by his injury.




Is there still a chance for good news or has someone in the know said he is screwed for a while?


When you’re rolling something or a muscle goes ping…

That’s,… Laverde’

When you’re aching to Fly, but breakdown as you try,

That’s … Laverde’

When you show so much style, then you’re out for a while, …

That’s Laverde’…

We’ll just hope & sit tight, that he’ll one day be right,…

That’s Laverde’!!!


They were getting additional specialist advice tonight. That concerns me but hoping for the best but will obviously depend on the severity of the damage he has done. Fingers crossed.


Poor ■■■■■■■. Hope he gets a decent run at it soon.


If there getting specialist advice that generally means they are unsure how to treat it which most like points to quite a few weeks - if not a couple of months - on the sidelines.

Club needs to rest Laverde whenever we play Geelong in the future - he’s now played them twice for two bad injuries.


Unless the specialist says otherwise…


GONE. 6 -8 weeks I reckon.