#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Based on stuff and things, it may be at least 12 weeks approximately.


Time to take him behind the back shed I reckon …


I call bullshit on you having heard something.


Even though he hasn’t quite hit his full straps yet, I still reckon out forward line has looked more dangerous every time he’s been in it.

Decent loss for us, very disappointing for him.


He’s in my best 22, Good combination of attributes, not many defenders would have him covered on all of speed, strength, marking, agility. Can be competitive in most scenarios.

Want him back and staying on the park.


I call bullshit on any medical diagnosis made via a football forum


I bet you didn’t hear that in Dubbo.


Will miss 12 weeks apparently.


Ban if proven untrue


Have you spoken well of him in the last 2 years?




This is horrible news. Lav was best 22 for sure.


AFL article on it:
AFL article


Yep. Really feel for him. Huge pain in the ■■■.


I’d personally say his ankle would be even sorer…


Old case study but interesting stuff. All signs suggest surgery asap is the best bet. Worrisome that the participants in the study all said it cause perm damage to lateral movement…



I’m sure I’ve asked this question before so apologies but are there examples of players regularly injured in their early years that went onto have healthy, injury-free careers?


I can think of multiple knee injuries like Malceski, Rodan and now Menzel, but perennially injured, where they get injured just looking at a footy, nope.

From our end Gumby, Myers and Winderlich attest to that. From other clubs, Nathan Freeman, Jack Trengove , Anthony Morabito, Andy Otten and Beau Waters.

Maybe Jason Johanissen, know he has had hammy issues, not sure how severe or if it fits the bill?


Hooker was very injury prone early days, hird got not durable with age iirc. But yeah signs aren’t great for lav


Michael Hurley?