#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Awesome future for Lav then. He can either miss half of preseason with a hammy (Hooker) or roll his ankle bad enough to be in a moon boot (Hurley).


Robert Harvey had a bunch of hamstrings early in his career in reckon.


answer is simple, does not play vs geelong.


We’ll see.


Holy sh*t you’re right.

It’s happened again.


Poor kid seems jinxed. Just cannot get a decent run at it. So disappointed for him.


I’m crying inside


I’m calling curtains on lav.




Perhaps shutting the dunny door on his career is more appropriate in this case.


Finally draft someone that wasn’t a beanpole, perennially injured.



Been around the world don’t speak the language


I’m sure your sentiments will send shock-waves through the football world…




He’ll be fine. He should miss about 12 weeks which means that he’ll likely be training by round 10/11 again


Averaged 12 games over 11 seasons.


Oh good. I was worried there for a second.


In 2019


Fark it JD06, we just tell him to run straight through anyone in his way!
Leave the fancy footwork to Walla and Fanta. :wink:

I do hope this is not the case and we can see him back up and around after the bye. He just looked to be coming into his own and showed some nice signs across the JLT series, so let’s hope he can put this behind him and play some good footy later this year.+

Get well young fella, you still have a lot to offer this footy club.


Has this been announced somewhere or is it just baseless speculation dressed up as fact?