#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


That’s a silly comment. Give me the stat that doesn’t include his first few years of hamstring injuries and games he missed through suspension/form. After he got over those early issues he forged a career and played as much as your average best 22 player. He did his knee one year but other than I thought he had a pretty good run considering he did about 20 hammys in his first 3 years.




Jayden Laverde will be sidelined until at least the mid-season bye because of an ankle injury.

The 20 year old injured his ankle during the second half of the match against Geelong on Sunday.

He’ll have surgery this week and spend the first half of the season on the sidelines.

“It’s obviously disappointing for Jayden to have this setback on the eve of the season,” High Performance Justin Crow said.

“After seeking a specialist opinion we have decided that surgical repair is the best long term option for Jayden in this instance.

“All going well, we will be hoping to see Jayden back playing football soon after the mid-season bye ”

Laverde has played 18 games for the Bombers across his first two seasons in the AFL.



Really disappointed. However it’s roughly what I thought given the injury.


Fark footy. Why do I even bother?


Very bad run of injuries for the kid. 18 games in 2 years . Will miss 12 games. By that time, The Langford will have around 38 games under his belt. This is the opportunity for Stewart, Francis or Begley to assert themselves . We do have depth players who only need the slightest chance to get ahead…


I feel like we’ve been here before…


Shame on you all. You just wait untill he is fit and firing and over these unortunate injuries. Mark my words.


It is unfortunate, to say the least. But it isn’t a disaster. He will be back, and the decision to surgically repair the ankle means he should be fine in the long term.
All the injuries to date have just delayed his development, but he looks the goods. Even the little bits in the this preseason reinforce the belief that he will be a very good player for us.
He will still be cherry ripe when our time comes.


You could have just said “I wish we’d traded him” like some doofus said.


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Still don’t.

Hopefully he can get his rehab right and make a difference later in the season.


Get him fit for the finals :slight_smile:


Far canal …


I’ve gotta stop teasing; first I get you with the “good” instant coffee bait and now the trade bait.




This sucks.