#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


It continues.



never got a full preseason.



I think this is a chance for Redman to take his opportunity to play Laverdes half forward role.


We should have given him Winderlich’s number.


I guess I am most concerned about the peculiar nature of the injury. Just hope it isn’t one of those career threatening types. Would really like for someone who has some experience or knowledge of the injury to provide some insight. Hopefully it isn’t likely to be an ongoing issue.


Stewart is the replacement for mine, Seems to be able to kick straight and fairly mobile for a big bloke.


Was Laverde going to play second ruck?


Would’ve broken his back carrying the expectations of an essendon ruckman.


Sucks. Hopefully comes back strong and gets some games towards the end of the year. He looks good every time he manages to get on the park.


Is this the worst start to a season injury-wise in recent years? (Luey, Myers, Laverde, Ridley all out for a while, Hooker doubtful, Hurley & Hartley not great, probably more I’m forgetting…)…


Wtf? No. Our injury list is minimal. Half the guys you listed are fine


Definitely the worst year for pre-season panic dollar induced hysteria.


I’ve been doing some research about this injury and here’s my amateurish appraisal. The injured tendon acts as a major stabliser for the entire ankle and other lessor tendons rely on the same injured tendon to function correctly. So, because this major tendon is damaged, there’s possibility that lessor yet also important tendons may have too much movement. The question is … How badly damaged is the tendon?? Maybe they wont know until surgery. Post surgery… Lav is likely to feel some form of irritation/ discomfort/ ongoing pain unless the surgeon nails the repair. I would say that there could be a likely need for additional tidy up surgeries at some point. It seems like a very nasty injury that shouldn’t be rushed at all.


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Jayden had successful surgery this morning. Interesting to note Justin crow said they were tossing up between surgery or a conservative approach with a moon boot. He’s glad they did surgery as they picked up another issue which they couldn’t see on their scans which was laverde medial ligament in his ankle had ruptured and they repaired that.


Great news!