#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


He'll be lucky if he gets a tastec this season. Unless we've got f-all to play for come rd 19-20.


I hope he gets fit soon he's such a talent.


Laverde seems to be one of those guys that is getting better in everyone's mind the longer he's out.
When he's played he's always been behind Langford imo.

Defeinitely has potential, but is as far away as Francis from actually delivering.


Kid couldn't move sideways with good ankles. Wonder what his lateral movement will be like with a dodgy ankle?


Wasn't behind lang, was equal imo. That said neither are the midfield saviours we need, they're a fkg dangerous duo as HFFs.


Doesn't really matter. As you have noted, lateral movement was never his strength. He deals in straight lines. If he gets a run at it he has the potential to be a very good outside mid/half forward. Just needs to get a bit of continuity.




Luv the Lav


Liv,. Luv,. LAV!


I would pick LAV ahead of Langford any day of the week. Langford doesn't have mongrel in him. LAV just needs a good run with injuries.


Laverde is a brute with great skills and a powerful engine. He's basically exactly what we need.


Wait 'til you see the new & improved Kang when he comes back up, … they’ll be on a par I reckon.


Maybe I should stop comparing Langford to Fyfe!


It’s a pipe dream.


I agree, his trip to China has done wonders for him.

Good 'ole Kang.


Only just got out of his boot 2 weeks ago, Now just gotta get him right.


Reckon Laverde struggles at times with ground balls - His lateral movement is OK,though far from elite.


He's ok to play golf though :wink:


I think that his absence has made the heart grow fonder.
He has some promise but that is it and that was before his run of injuries. I still think that he can come back and be a good player but it's no certainty.


Yep. He's whistling Dixie.