#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


On the contrary, people keep saying this, but I actually really rated almost all of his performances, reckon he has a ■■■■ ton of tools and think he should be fast tracked into the seniors, fitness permitting.

He’s no second coming but he can fkn play IMO. Just hope he hasn’t missed too much footy.


R15 return, be lucky to play seniors this year.


If he can show any form and fitness I think he could break into the team, he is a bluddy hard match up for the opposition, the type of player the opposition wouldn’t want to let off the leash because there are too many ways he can do damage. Strength, leap and speed are pretty good weapons. I reckon he could knock Stewart out of the side if he gets back near to where he was.

However if Francis or Begley start to realise their potential, that is another matter.


I agree. He was my 1st pick from that draft.


Expected to return for the 2nd game after the bye.


Just had his 21st party too😉


What does everybody think about putting Lav on the HBF when he returns?

He has size, pace, marking, great long kick and the straight line running might help his return.

It would also solve our need for another fast HBF and let us concentrate on adding to the midfield.


The man does like the one-two…


After 3 extra months in the gym working on his upper body, I expect Lav will be seriously built.
He was already a fairly good specimen.


I reckon he’s showed substantially more in the seniors than Langford.

Just an opinion.




I like the idea. He has all the required attributes


Lav will need more than a few games in the magoos. His form pre-injury wasn’t exactly ‘setting the world on fire’ levels. With a bit of work on tackling and endurance he will be a good player though


When he comes back I’d be playing him forward. Its his natural position, he’ll need continuity, and at the end of the day one injury to our small/large forwards and we would probably want him to play. Depending on how Begley keeps developing I suppose.


He has a bit of work to do to get into the team I reckon.

Stewart is doing a great job in the third tall spot and creates a genuine match up problem with his height and athleticism. Francis seems to be being developed into the Roughead role - a crash and bash forward who can go into the midfield and wreak havoc. Begley is showing a fair bit.

Our midfield is also looking increasingly settled, Parish will come straight back in and Langford is probably next in line for a spot. Hocking and Bird are putting up consistent numbers and Mutch is nipping at his heels.

It would be a frustrating time to be injured, watching all those guys stake their claim. Good to see - selection pressure is gold.


who was his dj?


They are very different players. Apart from height, they don’t share much at all.


I think Laverde shows a bit more devil than Langford, and my strong suspicion is that they’re trying to instil that devil into Langford.


No doubt about that. He definitely does. They are trying to get more consistency into Langford’s game. He’ll never have Laverde’s approach, his personality is different.

Also Laverde runs straight lines, Langford plays angles, Laverde bullocks through, Langford steps around, etc.

I enjoy them both.


Hard to remember Lav it’s been so long.
He would have loved playing o the weekend with the ball coming in fast and precise.
Another player with great footskills who can be potent up fwd. I’m not sure he’ll be designated the 3rd tall, but alot depends on his tank.
Nice that he may come back a hulk but it’s his fitness that will determine if he can gut-run, make 2nd attempts, chase etc. All important for a forward and all the more crucial with our gameplan.