#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Angered? Nah. Puzzled. Puzzled at how biased and deluded people can be.
This kid has talent and athletic ability and has given us a small taste of this. But has proved NOTHING! The premise that he’s somehow going to come into the side immediately following injury and have a significant impact (especially in the midfield) is laughable.
Let’s just try and be at least a little bit realistic for just a minute.


I agree.

Miles off it in terms of development.

People need to have a look at Langford to see that these players take time.

Laverde is a half forward at this stage and like Langford will eventually get an opportunity in midfield. Like Langers though, he will most likely need to do his apprenticeship in the VFL. I wouldn’t be expecting big things from Laverde until late next season at best and that’s if he has no more physical complications.

He should develop into a good player but will take time.


exactly. If he plays seniors this year I’d imagine it would mean our season is actually cooked and we can’t make finals. I’d be astounded to see him push into the side otherwise. Begley is ahead of him at the moment IMO.



I think you’re 1 underestimating lav. And 2 overestimating how ready begley is. He struggled to run out the vfl game on sat.


Like you say, if he’s in the side he has either come back playing like Gary Ablett Jnr or our side is cooked and out of the running.

Begley for me is developing well but still needs time.

I would like him to have a crack as a full time mid in the VFL but that may not happen until next year.

I think he’s got the most potential of the young guys to play a role in our midfield as a clearance player.


And how well do you think Laverde will run out a game of VFL after having surgery on his ankle and his foot in boot for ~6-8 weeks? Surely you’re not suggesting he’s anywhere near senior selection?




No, i’m refuting that when he does get selected our season is ‘cooked’. Lav always takes a few games and hes back to match fitness he won’t need a year or 2 like begley, or francis. And he’ll be a good help for when we’re trying to get the ball out from our kick-ins.


Okay I got ya. Personally, I reckon he’ll need ~4-6 full games (plus managed minutes in his first game or 2 back) at VFL level before he gets selected and his form will then have to justify it. If we’re still in the hunt for finals in 6 weeks then he’s going to have depose a HFF or 3rd tall from a fairly settled line up you’d think. He’s gonna have to show some pretty absurd form in the VFL to warrant that IMO.


I’d swap him with stewart in a heartbeat.

Stewwy goes missing for 3/4s of a game in all but 1 this year and that game he was gone for a half.


Bit unfair on Stewart I think.

It’s not just about goals with our forwards. It’s also an ability to fit into the structure and perform a role. Within a game it may appear that he’s doing nothing to us outsiders, but he could be taking a defender away and giving another forward room to move.

I even noticed a few weeks back that they were using Joe as decoy to take his defender away so that Stewart and Hooker could operate. That game Hooker kicked five and Stewart kicked two.

Our forward line is functioning very well and it would be a brave move to disrupt it going into the back half of the year. Even more so if we are in finals contention.


Get him cherry ripe for 3 weeks before the finals then BOOM.


Unleash those 12 disposals and <1 goal a game.




He was kicking multiple goals a game and looked like he had cemented the third leading tall type. He’s a fkn gun and easily best 22 imo



Kicking multiple goals? Last year? When we were missing half a side? Maybe, or maybe not…
He kicked 8 goals in 9 games last year. In 2015 he kicked 5 goals in 9 games. He kicked 3 bags of 2 and went goalless 4 times last year.
His numbers over his first 18 games are close to identical to Stewart’s. He might have huge potential but he’s simply not a significant upgrade on anyone in our forward line at the moment. And he’s a mile off moving into the midfield.


He looks like Ivan Drago though, so who cares.


Playing in the VFL is a hell of a lot different to playing in the firsts. He’s not ready yet but in time, he might be.


wow really?