#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de




I like Laverde. However, he is nowhere near being a midfielder due to his lack of lateral movement. He is a leading 3rd forward running straight lines. At this stage he offers nothing over and above what Stewart is doing, in fact I reckon Stewart has better ground ball and movement skills .

Remember when we were all gung-ho about us getting both Laverde and Langford (and forcing Fark Carlton's hand in the process).


He's a mid. 100%. Fyfe esque and no I'm not joking.


PS fight me about it


He's not the straight line truck you guys are going on about.

Junior highlights:


He'll just start out as the Stringer style forward...


I do, and I'm still very confident we have two very good players on our hands.


If only we picked Viola-rainbow and Boeorkhurst


Why, he was struggling preseason and is coming off a long term injury. Are you trying to destroy the kid?


Who is this Laverday you all speak of?


Pre season. Why do you hate LAV so much?




Laverde will need some VFL time and depending on seniors and form could come in last 2-3 games which would be a basis for next year. Redman i would hope can really get going as he is a talent - but how do you fit them in alonside brown , ambrose and so on


You rate redman as a talent but not lav?



please- laverde i would expect to come in period

Redman is a talent not in Laverdes class but he is a talent BUT Needs to get his ■■■■ together this year


Laverde will be quality, and you can all shut your fkn mouths.


Laverde is quality no question at all


I dont think that anyone one is questioning Laverdes got talent.

Its just whether he's going to have enough time this year to get match fit and break his way back into the side.


He'll be the saviour until then... after that he'll be trade bait like the rest of them.


He should in time become a more than handy tall midfielder I would think.