#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Unfortunately their is a lot of truth to that.

We build them up and compare them to the stars of the comp. When they dont reach those heights we expect that we can package them up with a second rounder to get the star we were comparing them to In the first place​:smile:


That 's the first time I have seen that highlights tape of Laverde playing for Vic Metro in the U18 Championships. I can see where the Lav as a midfielder hopes are coming from. He looked sensational on that tape (admittedly highlights)


Oh cmon .. fit and firing and we're guaranteed finals .. surely


See our midfield has been so underwhelming for so long that anyone thats better than ■■■■ is suddenly a 'saviour' and gets sarcastically called a saviour.


Hate? I don't. I just happen to more fond of unbiased and considered thought where possible.


... and yet you hang around here??? Have you given that decision much unbiased and considered thought? :grin:


well played.


Hasn't played for a while and it seems his reputation is a little shot.


Named in the VFL - great news. I thought he would not play again this year. I hope he gets through ok.


Back from a serious ankle injury.
Hoping / looking for more then straight line running (although could be hard to tell cause that's what he basically did anyway)
And acceleration.
Don't really give a stuff about fitness or jumping - that'll come.
Fingers crossed - and finally on the telly.


I wouldn't be looking too closely at anything TBH. I think he will be very unfit and lacking touch. I am just happy to see him out there running around, and I don't expect any great output from him, at least for 5 weeks or so.


Have to admit I thought the same. In fact I may have thought he was royally boned career wise.


After getting my hopes up with KAV! I thought I'd be a little more circumspect with my expectations about players.











Better that Laverde gets a solid chunk of VFL footy for the rest of 2017. Aim must be to play round 1 in 2018. My fear is if he has injury affected season in 2018 then he will never reach his full potential.





All the talent in the world won't help if you're struggling with confidence in your own body at the same time as you're meant to be working out your game and where you fit in.

Much the same boat as A Morgan.


i reckon he will fkg tear it up. just got a feeling.