#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


He looked to attack the footy with confidence so far in the first quarter in the VFL. I still have high hopes for LAV.


So do I, I just won't be sweating if he does nothing for these first few weeks back.


Big sigh of relief.
Did what I was hoping for and a bit more.
Still got acceleration, can sidestep, stop and prop, and his kicking still has penetration.
Able to jump too.
Coming back from a serious ankle injury a really good game.
Not going to be a busted crock / shadow of his former self (see Kommer & Prismall post injury)

In with a chance to return this year


Yesterday, he was managed to a limit of 8km. He was told to rein in his jumping to about 80%, and to generally not go full bore.


Perfect preparation to play seniors.

(it was just too easy to pass up, sorry)


You're not the boss of LAV


Woosha seemed excited about Lav today in the presser.
He must be held in high regard as an upcoming talent. I don't think he'll be spending too much time in the VFL.

Can't wait, he could add a helluvalot.


Tracking well on his recovery, and sounds like he is being well managed. That is to be expected after such a serious injury. Will be cherry ripe and raring to go for the last month of the H & A. Will make an impact and leave a good impression.


One more wk in the VFL.


At least. I was thinking it would likely be 2 more. He did zero running for a long time, but I'm not sure how much he's done since he's been able.


For real?

Damn. Wish I could do my job as well as he does at 80% game time. Fridays off forever!


This kid is a fkn beast! His draft profile states that all signs point to him playing midfield at the next level because of his attributes. Why do people think he is not midfield capable?! Give him a clean run and he will smoothly transition into Fyfe, I mean midfielder. #Lavislife


Absolutely, definitely midfield capable. Probably not so much this year, now, due to the layoff.

I view he and Langers as switching mid/forwards with Jayden a bit more midfield and Kyle more forward oriented but I suspect the club view it the other way.


Was on limited game time again on Sunday in ballarat. Full match loads from this week, you'd imagine he'd need at least a couple of games with good form before forcing his way in.


He plays like he did last week he will be in the following week. Class above!


Class above one of the worst VFL sides in a while that's currently anchored to the bottom of the ladder and winless. You'd want to hope so... Lets see him string that sort of form together over a couple of weeks against genuine opposition.


I think this factor applies more to the team as a whole than to individuals. But yes, I'd say another ressies outing and then start to look closely at his form for seniors.


Looked very sharp in the VFL highlights... and apparently that's at 80%!


He looked a class above all of our VFL players as well . He has to get through a full game this week with the same level of class and domination of his position, but I can't see why a guy who kicks 3.3 and has 23 touches across HF wouldn't be in contention for a senior spot.


He plays with arrogance but within team rules, and I think he will be great for the senior side. We need a bit of what he brings in the AFL team.

I see him having bursts at the centre bounce (in 2018 especially after an actual preseason) but mostly HF/wing. At best in 2017, we're lucky if he can come back and average games with 12 touches, 1 goal and a couple of assists.

They way he protects the space with his arms when he marks overhead is great. Defenders have trouble with the spoil from behind. Hence he's great on the lead. The question is who does he replace so the chemistry of the forward group is in tact.