#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Exactly. On current form he's not forcing out Stewart as the 3rd tall and if he replaced Green you could argue we're possibly a bit too tall up front.


I'd bring him in for Stewart when he gets fit enough, which may be 2-3 weeks away. Despite the size difference, I reckon he offers more in the air than Stewart. He's probably better around the ground too.

I'm not sold on Stewart yet. He has played a few good halves when we are on song, but has gone missing when the heat is on. At the moment I'd persevere with Stewart because he is working up and down the ground and providing an option, but I don't have him in my best 18.

Long term I see Laverde as a forward rather than a mid. I don't think he's particularly good below his knees, which is an essential trait for misfielders. As a lead-up option and link man he is very good. I think high half-forward is his natural role. He's also one of our better kicks for goal.


Hasn't stopped Langford from conning himself into a midfield role.


Well I reckon Langford is much cleaner below his knees, and is a far more natural midfielder. Laverde is a very upright player who doesn't take the ball cleanly in congestion. He'd probably go alright on a wing, but I don't think he's a stoppage player. In my opinion the club is developing both players in their best roles.


I disagree about lav not being a contested player and being an 'upright player'


H0mo erectus.


Sounds like you have Langford and Laverde mixed up to me by the way you describe them both.


The club doesn't seem to think so judging by the roles they are being developed in.


But what do you think. we've got enough 'the club thinks' mouth pieces around here.


Is where I trot out my “for a midfielder, he does a very good impression of a leading leaping forward” line?

LAV will never be truly happy unless he’s getting a stack of one-twos on the wing.


I'll be truly happy if he's getting a stack of one-twos on the wing. That would mean he's fit and firing and midfielding. And it would mean we're out numbing the contest and breaking lines through the midfield, which with our forward set up being so dangerous, results in scores of 120plus.


I’ve given my thoughts above. I agree with the club in this instance. Langford mid, Laverde forward.


LAV plays where LAV wants to play.


He comes in for someone if form continues to warrant it, but on form that aint Stewart. I'd happly have more players averaging 1.5 goals a game, and lets not forget he is mobile and it is hard to keep 3 talls (two mobile) plus TB on the leash. Personally I see Green in trouble (maybe big boi) or as replacement at HF-ish next year when Darcy 'Parish' Parish goes in the guts at the expense of one of the elder statesmen.




Straight swap for green.


Plays the LAV role.


can definitely see it happening if Green's hammies are a concern.


hype hype hype hype hype hype


Boy oh boy oh LAV!