#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de




Woosh loves like for like changes. Lav for green ain't one.


Same colour.


Who's like LAV?


Having a forward line consisting of Daniher, Hooker, Stewart, Laverde and two smalls (Tippa and Fantasia) is an interesting mix. One that I'd be intrigued to see but it may just be unbalancing things a little.

The only comparable structure to that going around is the Crows forward line and they go ok. Just a question of whether our talls have the same mobility as theirs to make it possible to not let the ball out easily.

Hooker- Walker
Daniher- Jenkins
Stewart- McGovern
Laverde- Lynch

Betts- Tippa
Cameron- Fantasia


I think lav is smart enough and disciplined enough to make it work.


He is certainly making selection tough.

He did looked spent at the end of the game, I wouldn't be surprised if he has another in the twos to help build his fitness.


I think you are incorrectly putting Lav into the tall bracket. He's a mid forward and I'd argue has a similar speed to Green, is just as good if not better on the ground compared to Green and is miles better in the air.
Keep in mind that Laverde is also seen as a midfielder so is not seen as a tall and gives some flexibility to go into the midfield.


When you're next to him talk is what you think.


He is not an outright Key Position player, agreed. But the manner in which he plays is very much as a lead-up marking target who is also strong enough to win contested marking battles.

i.e. the comparison to Tom Lynch who is the exact same height and is their 4th 'tall' if you like. He has the speed and good hands to be the hit up target but is also agile enough to be pretty good when it hits the deck.

Lav is an exciting prospect because like you say, he is clean with his ball handling (no puns please lol) and has speed.

You can say he is 'seen' as a midfielder but the fact is if he is coming into the AFL side this year he will be playing as a forward not as a midfielder.
I hope next year and into the future he can develop into a mid/fwd.


Been around the world don't speak the language.


He's a mid IMO. Play him in the fkn guts


If Laverde comes in for Green, other players would need to change their rotations fwd% vs mid%. The talls would need to drift out of the F50 more and guys like Parish or Colyer would need to spend time providing forward pressure. You would get Daniher and Stewart spending more time as tall midfielders. If Laverde can rotate to the wing and provide some chase pressure around the ground, while other smalls drift forward we could largely cover the loss of Green's forward pressure. That role would require a solid fitness base, which Laverde propably doesn't yet have.

The forward rotation would look something like:



I think LAV has the smarts and agility to be effective when the ball hits the deck in the forward 50, as well as providing a target.

Anyway, I think it is more about the defensive pressure he'll apply - can he do it to a level consistent with a 'small' forward, e.g. Green? That's half the battle with small forwards these days.

Don't want to muck around with the forward line formula as it is obviously working, but i'd love for Woosha to



LAV certainly ain’t like Green… he knows how to lead!

Also, he takes his high speckies more than a foot off the ground.



In my mind hes competing with Parish, Colyer, Zaha for an spot in the midfield.

He shouldnt come in for stewart etc.


Disagree he's a mid. Pre season he was looking like a great third tall, ran in straight lines, good mark, good kick. He's kicked 6 this week and 3 last and I don't reckon he's clean enough handling the ball to be a midfielder


I'm with you there WOB


LaVerde has some great attributes but the running in straight lines is a potential problem as a mid
Turning circle of a truck.


If you kick 6 in the magoos, you should probably come in

Green looks cooked to me. I'd swap them, to at least see what that setup looks like anyway