#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Even if green is injured, I don't think Lav comes in for him yet.

As others have said, it's his 3rd game back, first full game but ....
ATM all of our small forwards in the seniors are running through the midfield for periods of the game, they are applying pressure in our forward half.

I just can't see lav doing either of those 2 important things ATM. He won't get the luxury of solely being able to play in the fwd 50, and he definately won't be the no.1 main target like he was on the weekend.

I'd say work on his match fitness, get the midfield time up and work on his defensive pressure and he could and should be ready to play seniors in 2-3 weeks.


I agree with you DKP.

I need a lie down.


3 goals off limited time.
6 goals off 10 shots whilst not 100% fit

Doesn't come in.

If he gets goals next week and doesn't come in. I'm gonna burn tulla


Doesn't have clean hands? To me has looked like one of the cleanest youngsters in the senior side in years.

Right now he is a forward because the club clearly wants him to develop that side of his game, plus there seems to be a best 22 spot for him in that role. But I have no doubt at all Lav will become a mid in a couple years when Watson, Goddard, Stanton, Hocking are retired.


Against popular opinion, I agree with that. Before he was drafted, I figured him for a big-bodied, forward/mid. I don't agree with the 'straight-line/non-agile' opinions about him.


himself and langford are Half fwd flankers and good ones. Not that they cant eventually play in the midfield but they are both natural smart fwd's.They both look out of place in the middle.


I reckon they play nothing like each other though.


Agree. Lav really attacks the contest & tackles or marks with intent.

Langford sometimes does it, then other times appears to sit back & ball watch.


Totally agree.


Reckon he runs straight lines because he chooses too, not because he lacks agility.

As a junior had a very nice sidestep and breakaway pace. Two years of injury and natural juniors-to-Afl acclimatisation = unsure of what exactly we have here.


One of his first goals at AFL level was him running around someone into the pocket then into the goal square and banging it.

has a turning circle.


I think he is competing with Stewart, unless injuries happen in the forward line I don't think he comes in. Begley more likely if one of the smalls are injured/sore. I'd like to see Laverde get up the ground next week in the VFL, he needs to add more strings to his bow.


Irrespective of what we think, I think Woosha gave a hint to the match committee thinking last week when he commented on Begley's tank being good. if you look at form and ball winning ability in the VFL, I don't think Begley is knocking the door down, and Lav is, but I think they will go for someone who is able to contribute to the pressure acts and running that is a crucial part of the modern game.
I think they will pick Begley, and I think he make a modest contribution of about 10-12 possessions.


Spot on.


Laverde is still building up fitness but he would have to be close to a senior call up now.


Reckon whoever we're playing this weekend in the vfl will give him a lot of attention, another haul of goals and 20 or so disposals and he should be an inclusion the following week.


Bring him in against north so they can see what they missed out on last year!


That was St Kilda who were throwing big coin at him.


Yes, just a large one. Scotty Lucas had a turning circle too. Didn’t make him a bad player.


And just because you're saying that doesn't make it true but whatever.