#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Its interesting to look at this as far as our current conversation about positions go. St Kilda had McCartin, Bruce and Membrey, but obviously thought Laverde could fit around that. Whether that was as a midfielder or fourth forward, only they would know, but they obviously wanted him. I would have thought he could fit into the forward line in addition to our 3 main talls, especially given the mobility of Stewart and JD.


I agree he could fit but i think we would still lose something at ground level which to me has been our biggest area of improvement


It's disappointing how Laverde has gone from a dashing and dynamic half forward / midfielder in his draft year, to the slow, unco, fumbly, Peter Somerville clone that he is now.

I don't reckon we could fit him and Bellchambers in the same team, he's just too slow and cumbersome.


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Good point. I have long been of the belief that Laverdes hands above his head are far better than below his knees. I think his long term position in the side will be similar to Jake Stringer. 80/20 fwd.

But if he can't midfield and can't apply defensive pressure for 4 qtrs I'll be surprised if he comes in.

I'm very bullish on him though. He is gonna be a weapon. Would be interesting to compare his body shape to Matthew Lloyds in about 2 years. Lad is gonna be a beast.

I can just see him bursting on the scene next year and everyone other than Essendon supporters will be like, who the hell is this guy? Very exciting player with a real fwd line presence.


I have a connection at St Kilda who told me explicitly that he saw the St Kilda draft board in 2014 and they had Laverde ranked at number 4 in that draft. They couldn't believe he lasted till 20 and were devasted that we took him as they had the next pick at 21 and would have snapped him up quicker than you can say the word jackets.


My heart bleeds for them...maybe if they really wanted him they should've taken him at 1


Apparently we had him around 5ish too.


There was talk Collingwood would take him at 5 but took De Goey.




Dont get me wrong i think his hands below his knees are brilliant for his body size/type
I just doubt that he is as good at ground level as the guys 2 foot closer to it


green has arms as proportionately short as rich.


Thats the sort of bedtime story that helps me sleep well.


To have Hooker, Verde, Danniher, Bellcho, Raz and Walla is some very hard strong contested marking targets to cover. I would not rate any of these players to lose a 1 on 1, or to even break even, they'd win, and there would be goals.


I think with Lav and to some extent Lang you have to take into account that our hf line is rotating through centre bounces. So while you may have them in the forwardline on form, would they still be the right fit if Jobe, Hepps etc are resting down there and raz and Walla are in the centre.

I'm not saying it wouldn't but the dynamic would change a fair bit




You'd probably find that Green and Laverde's hands are roughly the same distance from the ground as each other.


LAV will definitely be one of the midfield rotation guys that spends more time forward than on the bench...really liked his game..just dangerous


I actually think Bevo has got the Stringer role wrong. He should be playing far more midfield minutes.

Thats how i view Laverde too. Plenty of midfield ability imo.


Who kicks 6.3 on his first full game return from injury