#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


Was better than Hurley today


Looks 8-bit. Not a single rounded edge on the man.


Not sure you’re in a position to talk, the abuse you leveled at the playing group in the game thread yesterday was appalling.


11 touches 3 marks 2 tackles 1 shot

Green avg for the year: 11 touches 2 marks 3 tackles 2 shots

So let’s not pretend Green is on Brownlow form.

Gets a couple of weeks to get up to pace.


Struggled. But he stays in.

Maybe select Langford. They play better as a pair.


Absolutely I’m in a position to talk.
And what absolute horse-sh*t. Either give me a quote of me doing this or kindly stfu. Last time Deckham said this he couldn’t come up with anything.
I’ve never abused individual players. Fact.
Did I say the team was playing poorly yesterday? You betcha. Me along with every single other poster in there (including mods) apart from a few people saying 'b-b-b-but we’re playing poorly and still up by a goal". The team was playing awful and everyone saw it. No, I don’t feel like pretending losing to a bunch of kids with finals on the line was us playing well.

If you think commenting on the team playing poorly in a match thread is the same as abusing players in real life, to a player that didn’t even play, to a young kid, then you’re kidding yourself.


Cut this personal crap out. Now.


The green = green. 100+ games vs 19


No doubt you emphatically told the whole world he should not have been picked before the game ???


This thread is fkd


I saw intent from lav. Spoiled by teammates too.






Made a great run down tackle that resulted in a goal that Goddard almost stuffed up. I think giving him another few weeks to get into the feel for it is more than fair.


Lav is a strong body- saw it a few times including that big tackle deep forward. Give him a week or two - he can add a lot.


I did !!!

I said multiple times that a 6 goal game was good, but to keep it in context that it was, against a lower, out of form vfl side.


Did a few handy things on the side, like protecting TIPPA during the mark of the high ball at the Fletcher end.


100% agree. He’s going to take some time. In my opinion he completes our forward line by giving ground level aggressiveness, speed and marking.


That’s a far cry from emphatically telling us all he should never have been picked by Woosha. Surely?


Woosh has been generally good in giving players from VFL a couple of games when they get selected in the seniors.

Lav should get a game next week. Really hope he puts in a big game. Start of the year I really wanted Langford, Laverde and Francis to play majority of the games. Really been mad Lav was struck by injury.

If he gets dropped it will be hard to get picked again for the rest of the year.