#33 Jayden Lav-hurt-de


That’s only true if

A) Green is significantly fitter thus puts on more defensive pressure
B) Green is significantly faster
C) Green is a better all round crumbing player

And ‘if’ these are true are they more important than Laverde’s attributes over Green in the context of our current set up. You may well be right but I think we need more than one week (especially one where it’s the kids first game of the year) to see if it can work. Also remembering this isn’t the coaches first choice it’s a forced change.


You didn’t !!!

You actually wanted Lav or BBB in.

"what we want
Begley of lav for Green (cos of injury)

What we will get
Howlett for green"


Doubters? What doubters? I dont think ANYONE on this site thinks the kid is no good?

More broadly, we didn’t play like busted crabs because we swapped Laverde for Green. “Structure” wasnt the glaring issue on Saturday.


Hope he isn’t dropped, don’t see the point in promoting someone like him, Lang or Begley and only giving them 1 game. Should get at least 3.


I don’t think its got anything to do with comparing the 2 players, they are completely different and play different roles.
I think Lav will be 10x the player green could ever be but he is a totally different player and thats the reason i think he was the wrong choice to fill that particular spot. I wasn’t howling about the selection because it was a forced change but i didnt and still dont agree with it being Lav at the moment, but like i said definitely don’t want him dropped after 1 game but i do think when Green is fit he will and should come back in


he’s also studying to be a cartographer.



I think people take the hype train way too seriously, rather than recognise it for what it is. Which is supporters having a bit of fun.

The train was being firmly driven by WOB and stallion. All the LAV’s and talk verde to me, was just a bit of fun. Do people really take this seriously?

The whole point was getting carried away with the hype, not because people don’t know football, but because it’s fun!


But let’s not forget he actually is going to be a good player. He and Langford both.


It depends on your interpretation of doubters i guess, what do you call supporter who wants him chopped after one game ?


Who’s calling for him to be dropped?


Just read a fair bit of hate that I didn’t expect. First game at AFL intensity in nearly 12 months! He did ok I thought. Ran a bloke down that caused a goal. Missed a shot himself. Reckon he will pay a lot better next week.


It’s always stallion and wob for hype train. Perennially overlooked.

I go day zero on lav and mckenna and it’s like oh Conor’s ivens child. Oh lav is stallions.

■■■■ it it’s my sook. I got talk Verde going.


Did someone say something? Must be the wind.


I haven’t read any hate in here, just comments on whether he did much or not.


Soul destroyed


Jeez, played one game after coming back from a near season ending injury and people are calling for him to be dropped after he produced an average performance. Get a ■■■■■■ grip.


There’s no reason to think Green walks straight back in after next week. Laverde has tonnes to offer and needs a chance to get up to speed. Even if he’s pretty quiet against the Dogs, surely we persist? I know this doesn’t go with how Langford’s faring, but Conor got time to find his feet. Hopefully Lav is one the coaches feel will benefit from a good run in the firsts.


Since the start of the game on Saturday:
Posts explicitly calling for him to be dropped - 3
Posts complaining about people saying he should be dropped - 5
Posts complaining about people complaining about people saying he should be dropped - 3
Stupid post counting posts - 1

Posts explicitly saying he should stay in - 32


Green is A, C, and can create goals from nothing and has done so at AFL level for years. This is no knock on Lav, but your kidding yourself if you think any different. Lav is a kid, has played a hand full of games, and has been out injured all year. I think he will make a great player, but he doesn’t bring as much to the team as Green does in that particular role yet.

Lav stays in while Green is injured, and unless he has a great game next week he will have to make way for Green. With finials on the line we should be playing best available, when available.